July 2003

The Devil’s Music Industry

The Prostitution of Intelligence

Wolfowitz’s Operative Statement

Speculation Blues

Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

The Next Time You Crack a Lawyer Joke, Think of These Attorneys

Killing Mustafa Hussein

Pat Robertson’s Prayer Jihad

Why Iraq and Afghanistan? It’s About the Oil

India Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Sharon

Pointerdexter the Terror Bookie

How Ashcroft Coerces Guilty Pleas in Terror Cases

Retraction About Bloomberg and Outsourcing

The Hidden Costs of the Iraq War

Bush’s Top 40 Lies About War and Terrorism

Food Bully

Tom Delay Goes to Jerusalem

The Belligerent Dr. Pipes

Guatemala Bleeds; US Press Yawns

Did Chalabi Help Write Bush’s State of the Union Address?

Sacramento’s War on Free Speech

Another Botched Raid; Another Massacre

Cheney Chicanery

Bush Warriors Sign Off on War Crimes

Book Cooking at Boeing

Moncada, 50 Years Later

Refuting Brad DeLong’s Smear Job on Chomsky

New York Times Screws Up Again; Uday and Qusay Deaths Bad for Bush and Blair

CIA Probe Points to the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans

Between Israel and Iraq

The Power of Death

A Review of Neil Gordon’s The Company You Keep

Democracy Requires Social Justice

Northern Ireland, the Other Faltering Peace Process

A Photographer, an Offer and Topless Photos of Cameron Diaz

The Sons are Gone; Now the Blood Feud Begins

Faith-Based Intelligence

Bring ‘Em on Home Now!

Man Talk

Caesar’s Favor

Monsieur Moussaoui

Killing Saddam and His Sons Won’t Stop Killing of US Troops

Federal Judge Throws Out Bush Salmon Plan for the Klamath River

When the WTO Comes to Montreal

Ashcroft Loses Again in Lynne Stewart Case

Iraq’s Missing WMD Scientists

Ashcroft Demands the Death Penalty in Puerto Rico

Bread, Circuses, Uday and Qusay

Dumb and Dumber in Iraq

Georgie Porgie