Ari’s Great Set

Ari Fleisher was marketing Iraq
trying for a big score
and talking like a guy
who inherited some strange property
from a questionable uncle.

“Making Iraq a wonderful tourist center
around the world given its glorious history.”

Sorry Ari
but desert tourists
like electricity and air conditioning
they don’t much like Cholera
they want doctors around
they want to go out at night
and Iraq’s glorious history
has many times over
been looted and burned.

Vacation in Iraq only
if you want to buy
an AK 47, an ancient pot or nuclear material
quickly grab a cab for Jordan.

better to pitch Iraq to Hollywood moguls
it will give fantastic Set
for Post-Appocylyptic nightmare flicks
with millions of unemployed extras
just take your cameras into the street
no repetition necessary
these guys get it right
on the first shot.

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