Where Louie Dwells

Dubya’s graduating class
at Yale
is having its 35 anniversary
at the White House.

New Haven is not a secured city.
He might confront Americans.

If a C student
can’t journey to Yale
Yale will come to a C student
especially at the White House.

When will America realize
Bush really is that hapless
homework borrowing buffoon
they used to see
on Saturday Night Live.

How many Top Gun landings
on warships
turned to political props.
How many countries destroyed?

His mind is managed
because he doesn’t have one
a creature of pure instinct
he knows who will pay
for his next drink.

He is less than C as President.
Iraq perhaps is
a thank you
to Al Queda
for the gift
of 9/11.
Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Palestine?
The Bin Ladens are amuck with joy.

The dollar keeps falling
what foreigner would want to invest in
Bush anyway?

But boola boola
Yale will gather for Dubya.
There will be
the usual Gentlemen’s C jokes
the Wiffenpoofers will serenade.

Gentlemen Songsters
will most surely
go off on a spree
dooming us all
for eternity.

STEW ALBERT manages the Yippie Reading Room. He can be reached at: stewa@aol.com