A Story I Will Tell

Democrats fleeing the Texas Rangers
find sanctuary in Oklahoma and Denny’s
like old Black Panthers hiding in Cuba.

Tom DeLay put out the word
redistrict Texas and give more
of Congress to the good old Junta boys.

Even a coup d’etat requires a quorum
in the Texas State Legislature
and the Democrats refused to show up.
Fleeing Republican arrest warrants
they crossed the border
into the Oklahoma Hills and a motel.

We don’t need no stinkin’ badges
they told the Rangers when they showed up
in Oklahoma.
And the Texas lawmen admitted having no authority
in the outlaw land of
Woody Guthrie,
Pretty Boy Floyd
and the Daltons

DeLay is now talking about sending in the FBI
and smoking out “the cowards”

Word spreading among all Democrats.
Maybe they should join their brothers in Oklahoma?
Do something meaningful.
Live off the land and rob banks like Joe Stalin
waging guerilla warfare
against anything Bush
and adding to their flamboyant name,
every crime in Oklahoma.

Mean time Texas police have located
16 dead bodies in a trailer on Highway 77
No word yet, if they are Democrats.

STEW ALBERT manages the Yippie Reading Room. He can be reached at: stewa@aol.com