Assassinating JFK Again

Not content with gloating over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the right wing and their neo-con storm troopers are now out to once again assassinate the character of our 35th President.

In his book about Kennedy titled “An Unfinished Life,” author Robert Dallek claims a 19-year-old White House intern traveled with President Kennedy for the sole purpose of providing him sexual gratification. Dallek hyped his book on NBC’s Dateline, on a network owned by the pro-Bush defense giant General Electric. NBC’s Dateline, it will be recalled, has a history of inventing stories in the same manner as The New York Times’ former “ace reporter” Jayson Blair. It was Dateline that faked a General Motors truck explosion in 1993 to prove that there was a critical design flaw with the vehicle that resulted in spontaneous gas tank explosions. Only now, after ten years, is the co-anchor of Dateline, Jane Pauley, finally getting the boot. Perhaps there should be a new journalism award for fakery: we could call it the Blair-Pauley Award. Based on his “evidence” about Kennedy, Dallek should be the first honoree.

Dallek is the author who previously “exposed” President Kennedy’s persistent drug use. In his book, “John F. Kennedy: An Unfinished Life, 1917-1963,” Dallek claimed that Kennedy took as many as 12 different drugs, including codeine, Ritalin, methadone, and librium, at the same time, making him a virtual zombie. Dallek even suggested on ABC’s Good Morning America that Kennedy’s back problem may have cost him life. He said the fact that JFK wore a back brace, making him sit up straight in the limousine in Dallas, made him an easier sniper target. Dallek suggested that without the brace, Kennedy may have been saved. Nice fairy tale, but more on that later.

Dallek’s first book on Kennedy was excerpted in The Atlantic Monthly in 2002. The magazine is yet another neocon outlet whose editor during the time it published the JFK revelations was none other than the late Michael Kelly, who was virtually beatified by the media after his accidental death while hyping the war in Iraq in his role as a Pentagon “embedded” journalist.

Dallek’s only source for his current scurrilous attack on President Kennedy is a 77-year-old yenta named Barbara Gamarekian . A former White House aide for Kennedy, Gamarekian told the neocon-owned New York Daily News that she did not remember the intern’s last name — only her first name — which she would not reveal. In addition to Mort Zuckerman’s New York tabloid, other neocon muck mills, including Fox News and, ran with Dallek’s “revelations” immediately.

Dallek’s only documentation on the supposed intern affair was a recently-unsealed oral history provided by Garmarekian. No affidavits, no corroborating witness statements, nothing. Other noted historians have told this reporter that Dallek’s “proof” is nothing more than hearsay and not worthy of an academic-level research project. Dallek is ensconced at Boston University, whose Chancellor, John Silber, is a noted Democratic right-winger and neocon adherent.

Dallek’s publisher of his latest tome of Kennedy is Simon & Schuster, a part of Viacom-CBS, the same mega-corp operation that fired Ed Gernon — the director of the forthcoming CBS “Hitler: The Rise of Evil” miniseries — for comparing Hitler’s rise to power to America’s lemming-like support for George W. Bush. Gernon’s insightful comments were made in an interview with Rupert Murdoch’s TV Guide, which wasted no time in turning them over to its sister publication, The New York Post. The Post quickly pilloried Gernon just as other neocon outlets are now assassinating President Kennedy all over again. It is obvious that the neo-cons are now intent on rewriting our history — President Kennedy was a whoring, drug-induced rogue and George W. Bush is a saint who, under no circumstances can be compared to Hitler. While President Kennedy certainly had his share of extramarital affairs, he managed to keep the planet from self-immolating itself in a nuclear conflagration. On the other hand, Bush’s antics are very similar to those of Hitler’s: the xenophobia, flag waving, threats to other countries, and invocation of a greater calling are all reminiscent of the German Fuhrer.This reporter is not buying the revisionist garbage of the neocons.

Of course Simon & Schuster would never want to commission a history of George W’s father, who was working for the CIA before and during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Poppy Bush then worked for one Felix Rodriguez, the head of an anti-Castro Cuban sabotage team. Bush, at the time, owned Zapata Oil, an oil and gas company based in Houston. Not coincidentally, the Bay of Pigs invasion was code named “Operation Zapata” by the CIA. In addition, Bush’s company took possession of two Navy ship’s from the CIA and renamed them the HOUSTON and BARBARA, the latter named after Bush’s wife, our former first lady.

Rodriguzez, Bush’s Cuban interlocutor, would turn up again as one of the principals in the Vice President Bush-led Iran-contra affair.

In 1963, Poppy Bush was also tied up with George DeMohrenshildt, a Byelorussian emigre and CIA agent who took care of Lee Harvey Oswald upon his return to the United States from his political “exile” as a Marxist true believer. Interestingly, Oswald lived in Byelorussia, where he married the daughter of a KGB colonel. It was DeMohrenshildt who arranged Oswald’s move to Dallas from New Orleans.

A Nov. 1963 FBI memo to the State Dept. said there was concern that there might be another invasion of Cuba by anti-Castroites. The memo went on to state that this information was passed along to “George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” the day after the assassination of JFK. In 1977, just before he was to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, deMohrenshildt was found dead of a gun shot wound. In his personal address book was found the following entry:

“Bush, George H. W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland.” DeMohrenshildt’s son-in-law told the Warren Commission that his father-in-law was likely involved with JFK’s assassination. That makes George H. W. Bush a possible accomplice in aiding and abetting the murder of our 35th President. So it isn’t President Kennedy’s record that should be in question right now but that of Poppy Bush. It is the Bush record of involvement with murderers in Dallas and on the streets of Washington (the bombing murder of Chile’s former Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier) that should be the topic of Simon & Schuster books, NBC Dateline interviews, and the rest of the mega-corporation news media.

It is not the history of John F. Kennedy that should be the subject of scandalous attacks by the neocon media and their repugnant water bearers. Rather, historians and the media should concentrate on the sordid history of the Bush family. Through three generations, the Bushes have been the dots who have connected American business to the Nazis (Prescott or “Grandpoppy” Bush was a notorious financial underwriter of Nazi German industries during World War II), the assassination of President Kennedy, the Iran-contra scandal, the stealing of an American presidential election, and now, sadly and according to Florida Senator Bob Graham, may have had foreknowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the results of which, in effect, abrogated the U.S. Constitution.

While this country tries to sort out the terrible calamities visited upon it by the Bush-Cheney regime, a note to the Bushes and their neocon bottom feeders: you’ve done enough damage to the Kennedy family — let President Ken nedy rest in peace.

WAYNE MADSEN is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and columnist. He wrote the introduction to Forbidden Truth. He is the co-author, with John Stanton, of the forthcoming book, “America’s Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II.”

Madsen can be reached at: