An Illogical Reign

To decrease proliferation
Tactical nuclear weapons (TNW’s)
Will be researched and developed

This is not MAD
(Mutually Assured Destruction)

This is UAD
(Unilaterally Assured Destruction)

Tactical nuclear weapons are needed
to discourage anyone else
from making weapons of mass destruction

This isn’t acronymic UADness
It’s truly madness!

Sanity unconditionally demands
That Nuclear Weapons be destroyed–
And anything short of this is MAD

Development is MAD
Deployment is MAD

I am most certainly Mad!

Mad at this administration
Of mass destruction

HAMMOND GUTHRIE is the author of AsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor. He is the editor of the great online journal of art, poetry and politics: The 3rd Page. He can be reached at: