The Democrats debating each other the other day
looked like small time actors auditioning
for a tiny part in a B movie.

Of course Dubya once looked like Alfred E. Newman
till he got the Junta macho makeover
and one of these guys
with the right agent
might have star potential.

But he would burn to a cinder
under the Junta’s searing light
of expose,
remembering the time he masturbated in kindergarten
and chanted Give Peace A Chance in 1970.
The candidates look like fodder for fraud,
“gotta make it
seem like a democracy
it’s an election
so dig up an opponent
make it look good for a few rounds.”

If Dubya goes down,
it won’t be because these Democrats
blinded him
by the light of charisma and courage.

His worst enemy
is still
Alfred E. Newman
hiding in the helmet.
Top Gun firing blanks.

STEW ALBERT manages the Yippie Reading Room. He can be reached at: stewa@aol.com