W. Bush

I was talking with a friend the other day and she said, “Bush runs around like a little bully, like a little snot.” I thought, bingo! That’s what he is, a little snot, a little bully.

Remember the kids who whined, were spoiled, and wanted their way, and were nasty to you and everyone else if they didn’t get it? Remember the shrubs you knew who had thugs for friends who would come after you, but the little bully wouldn’t dare do it by himself–but always wanted others to do his dirty work for him. Well, there you have our dear president, GW Shrub.

Interestingly, Norman Mailer recently wrote that the war in Iraq may have also been about the white male ego needing to assert itself. This may be so, for in GW Shrub’s case, he has always been a failure; he failed in school, he failed in baseball, he failed in the oil business, he has failed as a father if you look at his two young lost daughters, he actually failed as Governor of Texas but kept the financial and education mess he made covered up until after the presidential election; ironically, he failed to get the majority of votes when he ran for president against Al Gore (but he won with the help of his brother Jeb, Gov. of Florida and the infamous hanging chads, and the US Supreme Court that was loaded with right wing Republicans left over from Ronald RayGun).

Poor GW Shrub had to win at something-so he did, he beat another bully, Saddam Hussein-but a lot of American, Iraqi and British lives were lost in the process and more will die in the future before the Iraq mess is finished (and believe me, it is a long way from over). So, perhaps Mailer is right, poor Shrub had to assert his “manhood”-or what he little he has. He certainly doesn’t behave like a mature, intelligent or just man-he behaves more like the little snot, the little bully I alluded to. Read on for the adventures of GW Shrub versus Mexico, France, Germany, Russia and the US Congress.

Look at the way he has decided to snub Mexico on Cinco De Mayo Day this year-this is all the rage on the Mexican and American talk radio stations out here in San Diego, it even made a headline in the second A section of the San Diego Union Tribune. All this because Presidente Fox of Mexico did not support him in his illegal and immoral attack on Iraq. Remember back when GW became president, then it was, “Me Amigo, Presidente Fox, border friends, like brothers, we understand each other and we’re going to work to make those border crossings easier and make it easier to get more Mexican workers into America and give them their citizenship.”

Well, as you know, when 9/11 came along, GW became larger than life, at least in his own eyes and in the eyes of the American toadish media. He suddenly started to “worry about those Mexican illegals coming across the border, they could be terrorists.” Fox kept his part of the friendship, but Bush began pulling away from it. Bush kept it at a very cold distance, until he wanted Fox’s help at the UN, wanted his support for a war resolution against Iraq. When Fox didn’t come through for the little bully, a faux Napoleon, Bush decided he’d take revenge. He cut back on immigration, he made border crossings harder, he sent money into Mexico to help defeat Fox and his party and started publicly attacking Fox for not being a good neighbor. Now that Cinco De Mayo, one of the major Mexican holidays, is coming up, Bush is going to use the occasion to snub Presidente Fox. The little snot will show him who is boss; he’ll let Fox know that he’s not only a little snot, but that he’s a little bully.

Of course, you are aware that the Shrub has been playing out the same scenario toward France, Germany, Russia and China-but especially toward France and Germany. He’s made clear he’s going to “punish them” for not supporting his illegality in Iraq.

But, as soon as he had a ground victory in Iraq, GW Shrub went to the UN to ask them to give him help in “reconstructing Iraq” and “helping to restore order”-but of course, it all had to be done under the aegis of American control, with American corporations raping the profits out of Iraq-all that France, Germany, Russia and others would get to do was to support this rape, the pillage, give money and men to help, then shut up and stay out of the way.

Even when France tried to compromise with GW at the UN 10 days ago, it did no good-he made clear he was still “going to punish France, teach them a lesson.” Sound like that little snot, that little bully you remember from your childhood, or saw in your classroom if you are an elementary school teacher or principal? Of course you do-we all do-the only terrible thing is that this little monster is the president of the most powerful country in the world (no, he didn’t make it powerful, it was powerful before he came into office) and can damn near get away with whatever he wants because he controls the Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court as well as having the world’s largest budget and military at his beck and call!

Intelligent Americans are aware of these poor qualities in Bush by the way he has run roughshod over American civil rights through his minion/thug, Attorney General John Ashcroft. Ashcroft has made declarations about the law as head of the Department of Justice that most legal scholars say are clearly illegal and wrong. He then carries out illegal and immoral detentions of innocent people without warrants, disallows them legal counsel and refuses them visits; this has been true of the prisoners in Guantanmo, Cuba and in the US itself where even US citizens have been “detained” in this same illegal way (see Padilla and others). But few in the Congress and in the law are willing to stand up to Ashcroft.

Even legislators fear Bush; they give him whatever he wants, that is aside from Senator Byrd, Congressman Kucinich and the Black Caucus. When Bush wanted his Patriot Act passed, most of the congress just lay down before him and let him run over them. Seeing this, the bully decided to take more action, so he sent his minions to the Hill and pushed for more and more of his way–in the budget, in Homeland Security, in economic and political attacks on his alleged “enemies” in the congress, so that now he has his minions in control of the most important roles in Congress.

He has even intimidated the media so they are afraid to be critical of Bush or his ways. Thus, during the recent illegal invasion of Iraq, most of the US media did little critical questioning or thinking–they just waved the flags the way the Bush team waved them, and all were happy in their ignorant bliss. On TV and radio, anyone who didn’t agree with the Bush line was attacked from the show, or if they appered on the shows. Thus, even the 4th Estate was bullied so that now they are part of the first three estates, Money, Politics and Military–most can no longer lay claim to being “independent media.” One has but to look at Faux News, MSNBC, Brokaw’s posturing on NBC, even Mike Wallace on CBS and the rationalizing on behalf of Bush by the previously independent CNN.

When foreign media criticized Bush or gave differing versions from his, their sites were hacked, their transmissions often interrupted and all were attacked on a daily basis by the Bush administration as being liars, anti-peace, anti-justice and worst of all, “anti-American.” In Afghanistan, one of the media most critical of Bush, Al Jazeera television, was attacked and their headquarters destroyed even though they had been promised safety by the Shrub’s men. In Iraq, Al Jazeera’s headquarters were bombed with two of their people being killed; then to top it off, when it was apparent that many of the independent, not the embedded journalists, were showing and writing about the brutality of the American and British troops in Baghdad, an American tank fired a direct hit into the Palestine Hotel which also killed and wounded more journalists. At first, General Brooks, the spokesman for the US in the Iraq fiasco, tried to say that shots had been fired from the lobby of the hotel and that’s why the tank shot into the hotel. But when he was corrected, that the tank shot at the 15th floor, Brooks stumbled and mumbled, but never apologized for the killings at either the Palestine Hotel or at Al Jazeera, Bush’s man at the Pentagon, Rumdum only said, “It’s war and things happen.” Once again, no apology; thus, the bully affect again.

So how do we handle the snot and bully? I say we stand up to him, not just in America, but others in the world should do the same. Start making defense treaties, start making trade treaties, start shutting him and his kind out so that they lose their bearings-so that they realize the world can go on without him and his thugs. Let his lackey, Tony Blair, realize that he won’t be part of the European Union much longer if he continues to be more a part of Bush’s team (no, not of America, hopefully America is larger than Bush) than an EU member. Then, if the bully begins to think he can start another war in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa, the nations of that area should stand shoulder to shoulder and say, NO! Don’t you dare come in here and start another mess like you created in Iraq. If you come, you may kill some of us, but you can’t take us all on, and even if you bomb us into some sort of hell, you still won’t be able to occupy us because we’ll fight harder than Saddam Hussein, and we won’t be bought or scared off by your money or your arrogant rhetoric.

Remember, this shrub is nothing but a little snot, a little bully-he is not America, he’s a not a shrub interested in democracy, and he is not for peace or justice.

SAM HAMOD is an expert in world affairs. He publishes articles on the Middle East, politics, economics and poetry. he may be reached at shamod@cox.net.


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