May 2003

Bush Nuclear Policy

Barbra Streisand Environmental Hypocrite

Anti-Imperialism, Then and Now

The Devil’s Advocate

Ayatollah Rumsfeld’s Busy Week

Gravity’s End Zone

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Agenda

Is a Television a Radio or a Billboard

Utah Fired Up for Executions

Recolonizing Iraq

Kitchen Dreams

HUAC 58 Years Letter

The Devil’s Advocate

The Bad Fence

Bush’s Illegal War

Yo Democrats! Wake Up!

Cops of the World

Bush’s Tax Cuts

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Who Said What When

Behind the Neo-Con Curtain

Wasted at the Pentagon

Vouchers for Jesus

Who Is Next?

Clinton, Bush, Lies and Impeachment

A Duet of the People

Trivializing Terrorism

The Strategist and the Philosopher

A Duet of the People

The Economics of Health Care in America

Wake Up America

The Day of the Jackals

Our Endangered Ocean

A Whiner Called David Horowitz Moans at Sid Blumenthal and Imagined CIA Slur; A Commie Called Graydon Carter; What Chavez Said to Lula

Does It Matter That the Bush Administration Lied?

Despite Thin Intelligence Reports, the US Plans to Overthrow Iranian Regime

Return to Iran? Popular Uprising, Inc.


Disarming Conundrums

America’s Dying

Texas Democrats Set a Standard for the Whole Party

A PNAC Primer

My Grandfather’s Medal


The Oily Business of Regime Change

Condoleezza Rice

What Sharon Wants, Sharon Gets

The Final Conflict

Supreme Sacrifice

Why Bush Isn’t Bringing the Majority of the Troops Home

an Interpretation of Bush’s Character