April 2003

Inside Babylon General Hospital

Can You Feel the Silence?

Is Israel Really More Secure?

Israel, We Won’t Forget Rachel

Deaths, Debts and Deficits

War’s First Week

Farewell to a City Under Siege

The Dolphin Who Refused to Fight

Oakland Cops Attack Longshoremen and Peace Protesters

Peter Arnett Paid a High Price for Being Truly Neutral

Cows and Armed Guards on a College Campus

The Morning After the Slaughter at Nasser

Medieval Sieges and the Politics of Casualties; Which Side Will Give Up First?; Prescient Counsel from Osama bin Laden; Hitchens in Huge Crystal Balls-Up; Embunkered Bush: Scary Glimpse of C-in-C

Hating Wolf Blitzer’s Voice

Total War

The Siege of Basra

Oakland Cops Attack Longshoremen and Peace Protesters

I’m Ashamed to be British

Making America Safer… for Iraq Fighters

UN General Assembly Provides Crucial Opportunity for Global Peace Movement

Some Observations on the Recent Behavior of the Empire

Bush Doesn’t Understand Iraq

Israeli Dreams of Iraqi Oil

The Vietnam Connection

"I Am His Mother"

Operation Embedded Folly

The Graveyard at Baghdad’s North Gate