April 2003

Hang Black Banners from the World’s Libraries and Museums

Malaysia’s America

Tax the War Profiteers

The Taliban from Texas

The Friedman Absurdities

What Else Hasn’t Israel Told America?

When Young Mothers Die in Combat

Nina Simone

The Four Generations of Modern War

The Democratic Left and Cuba

At Midnight, a Knock on the Door

Jews Like Us

An Administration in Contempt

Give Us Back Our Democracy

A Review of Oz Shelach’s Picnic Grounds

When Police Attack Journalists

The Constitution According to Scalia

Wal-Mart and Peace

Roadmap to Resistance

America’s In-Bedded Journalism

The Rape of History

American Libertines for Peace

Easter Thoughts on Jesus and "Kanaka WaiWai"

Why Michigan Needs Affirmative Action

The Last Days of Born Again History