April 2003

Give Us Back Our Democracy

Pillaging the Baghdad Zoo

An Administration in Contempt

Patriot Gore

Iraq After the War

Oil War

Another Sign of the "End Times" for American Journalism

Tony Black Feather

They Call Themselves Economists?

My Lai Revisited

End of History; More in a Moment

A Chill Wind is Blowing Through this Country

Embedded Photographer

A Personal View of Iraq

Mourning Iraq

The Bloody History of Halliburton

Post-War Iraq

A Letter to the President of Israel’s Supreme Court

Operation Syrian Freedom?

Zalmay Khalilzad

"They Died Trying to Become Students"

Nero in Baghdad

Contract with Iraq

India’s Devious Middle Path Through the Iraq War

Looting Antiquity

Only Losers Get Tried for War Crimes

Support Our Euphemism

On the Road Again

Virtual Saddam Takes Aim

The Road to World War IV

The Destruction of Iraq

The Road to Unilateral Pre-emption

Iran and a Free Press

The Army of Occupation

Ends, Means and the Present Tense in Iraq

This is What Privatization Looks Like

The Rush to Justify the Devastation

Foreign Aid and AIPAC

Hell of a Town

What America Says Does Not Go

Now What?

the Song of Mars

Day of the Chicken Hawks

Propaganda Stinkers

Mocking Militarism

Iraq is Free

The Neocons Have a Dream

The Iraq War’s Trashiest Piece of Propaganda

Bush’s War Without End

Welcome Aboard the Iraq Gravy Train