The Taliban from Texas

(to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” — anon., 1836, public domain)

There are Taliban from Texas who want to run the world
Their crossbone-spangled banner’s triumphantly unfurled
They trample on the Bill of Rights and mock democracy
The Taliban from Texas have it in for you & me

They’ll say you are a traitor if you don’t toe the line
Their friends at Exxon Mobil all think that’s very fine
“Support the troops” means “shut your mouth & never raise a fuss”
Those Taliban from Texas will be the end of US.

They’re pocketing a tax cut as big as all outdoors
To pay for Fox cheerleaders and other sundry whores
They worship “G.I. Jesus” and not the Prince of Peace
The Taliban of Texas want to be your thought police.

BOB RIEDEL is a contributing writer to the New York Press. He can be reached at: