Oh Freedom

Iraqi looters
could not tear down
Saddam’s statue.
So many years of subservience
had degraded their biceps.
American technology did the task
and the Iraqis were liberated
and stealing sofas and CD’s.
Tom Jefferson’s dream
on sale in the market of thieves.

Saddam’s gunmen are going home
but their shadow remains.
Will they resist the Bechtel-Christian occupation
or cut deals with the oily empire?
The purest still fighting on and dying,
corruption’s remains will be sold to the highest bidder.
The Republican Party placing bids on the Republican Guard.

Thirsty Count Rumsfield
is looking at
the necks of Iran and Syria.
More Dubya war
means reelection.

War, oil, disease and death,
good growing weather
for the House of Bush.

STEW ALBERT runs the Yippie Reading Room website. He can be reached at: stewa@aol.com