April 2003

About Cuba

A May Day Message to the FCC

May Day at Kut and Kenthal

Santorum: That’s Latin for Asshole

Greed Air

Straight Shooters

Intelligence Fiascos

The Killings at Al Fallujah, City of Mosques

Iraq, the US and the End of the European Coalition

Fighting Alienation in the USA

Battling for the Soul of the American Republic

Shooting Schoolboys

A History of Washington’s Occupations

The Four Horsemen of Propaganda

A Nobel Laureat’s Letter to Bush

US Military Bases

Did the US Murder Journalists?

Brush with the Law

The Pentagon Solution to a Baseball Stadium Dilemma

Iraq is Weapons Free

Get the US Out of Iraq

POWs Then and Now

On Oakland Police Violence Against Anti-War Demonstrators and Longshoremen

On the Results of the Iraq War

Playing Catch with Cracked Globes

Bush Telegraphs His Punches on Syria

About Those Iraqi Intelligence Documents

How to Spin Israeli Policy on the Hill

Total Information Control

Lack of WMD Kills the Case for War

Pilgrimage or Demolition Derby?

Don’t Envy Abu-Mazen

Medical Marijuana Patients Sue the Feds

Passover Warning: “Get Out”

Our Man in Baghdad

The Decline and Fall of American Journalism

The Other War


In Jesus’s Name

A Letter to Rumseld on Child Detainees at Guantanamo

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Rev. Pat Robertson in the Temple

Evelyn Waugh’s Ear Trumpet

A Review of David Lindorff’s Investigation into the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Now the Real War Starts

The Shock and Awe of American Ignorance

Sharon Recruits US as Mercenary Force Against Syria

All About Tucker Carlson

Why the War on Iraq Was (and Remains) Wrong

Who’s Looting Whom?