March 2003

Ave Caesar

Let Women Compete

The Morality of Violence

48 Hours to War

In the Meantime

How Will We Honor Rachel Corrie?

Baghdad, a City Sleepwalking into War

A Vietnam Vet Replies to Charlie Daniels

Why I Resigned from Blair’s Cabinet

Nixon, Bush and the Azores

Heading for Arab East Jerusalem

Keep Working for a Miracle

The Crimes Poppy Bush Failed to Punish

On the Waterfront

Rest in Peace, Rachel Corrie

Delusional Expectations

Why Certain Liberals Love the War

Inside Rumsfeld’s War Diary

Endgame in Baghdad

The Death of Rachel Corrie

The Terror of the Petrolarchs

Congressman Moran & the Dixie Chicks; Hitchens and Horowitz

Amnesty and Exile

Support Our Troops…Quick!

We Care About Elizabeth Smart, Why Not the Kids of Iraq?

Let There Be Life

The Grunts of Empire

Remembering the First Bush War on Iraq

High Noon in the Desert

Anger and Tears at Israel’s Wall of Apartheid

Elizabeth Smart, the Face of War?

The West and the Muslim World, the Roots of Conflict

Bukkake Bombing Crusade

Indian Museum

In the Grip of a Permanent War Economy

Remembering the Firebombing of Tokyo

Bush’s Very Own Declaration of Independence

Do You Know What War Is?

Cooking Intelligence for War

Bush’s Messianic Militarism

Crying Wolf?

Al-Qaeda and Iraq, the Misunderstood Link

The Emerging Superpower of Peace

The Gulf War 12 Years Later

Mexico Must Not Capitulate to Bush

Oil War, the Smoking guns

The Road to Jerusalem Goes Through Baghdad

In 1989 Rumsfeld Opposed UN Investigation of Saddam

New GOP Product Launch

An Open Letter to Paul Wolfowitz