Listen Up

Why should we listen to Hans Blix and all those other foreign pricks: the faggot French who swallow snails and kiss the cheeks of other males: the Germans with their Nazi past and leather pants and cars that last longer than ours: the ungrateful Chinks we let make all our clothes; those finks should back us in whatever task– we shouldn’t even have to ask: and as for creepy munchkin Putin… a slimy asshole– no disputing!? We saved those Russians from the reds– they owe support. Those wimpish heads of tiny states without the power to have a radio in the shower should fall in line behind George Bush and join with him and Blair to push the sword of truth through Saddam’s guts (no need for any ifs or buts) we’ll even do it without the backing of UN cowards and their quacking– remember how we thrashed the Nips and fried them like potato chips? God’s on our side, he’s white and Yankee he’d drop the bombs, he’d drive a tank: we know he’s stronger than their Allah as is our righteousness and valor! We’ll clip Mohammed’s ears and pecker And then move on to napalm Mecca.

TOM RAWORTH is a British poet. His most recent book of poems is Tottering State. He submitted Listen Up to the website, hoping to sneak it past the censors. To date, they have not published the poem. However, late word comes that the site’s proprietor, Charles Weatherford, has offered him a position as an “organizer” in their movement. Raworth can be reached at: