March 2003

The Siege of Washington

Slaughter at the Bridge of Death

The Devil’s Dictionary

A Different Kind of Despair

Liberating Iraqis from Their Homes

Has Perle Committed Treason?

Bring Our Soldiers Home

Bernie Sanders Hedging His Bets

Blood and Bandages for the Innocent

Arrogant Propaganda

Contradictions and Absurdities

Rumsfeld vs. the Generals

A Report on New York City Protests

Rumsfeld vs. the Generals

The War on Protesters

Dead People

Random Thoughts

Dreams of Empire

Perle Resigns, But the Looting Continues

"Like Being Autistic With Power"

Bombs in the Marketplace

Al-Jazeera’s Harrowing Footage

Bushist Party Feeds on Fear and War

Chickenhawk Circle of Hell

Bombing the Phone System

Horror Chamber


US Insiders Gloomy: War “Not Going According to Plan;” Allah 1, Jahweh, 0; Rumseld Visits Geneva: Is He an Iraqi Asset?; British Revert to Barbarism (As Usual); Will Bush Open National Hot Air Reserve?; US Navy Dolphin AWOL

Circumventing the Globe

Bombing Saddam into Glory

Don’t Look Back

Richard Perle Flies the Coop

A Road Trip in Wartime

Bush’s Blueprint for a Remade Middle East Reeks of Colossal Hubris

The Mother of All Bombs

When Bombs Replace Reason

Madness Translated

The "Trashing" of the Troops Never Happened

The Problem of Empathy

A Naked Display of Imperial Power

Basra as Military Target

Onward Embedded Soldiers

A Day of Reckoning

CounterPunch Diary

Somebody Blew Up Baghdad

A Letter from Uzbekistan

No Exit

The Smell of Death Surrounds Me

Desert Storms

Bilking California for Billions