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We are nearing the end. But if we don’t reach our modest goal, we will have to cut back on content and run advertisements (how annoying would that be?). So please, if you have not done so, chip in if you have the means.

January 2003

Israel, American Jews and the War on Iraq

Left Turns in South America

When Will Arabs Resist?

Are You a Friend of Freedom?

Music Lives in Palestine

We Can Stop This War

Extinguishing Frida Kahlo

Porto Allegre Diary II

Spain and the War on Iraq

America Never Was America to Me

Iraq War as Football Game

Israeli Democracy, Fact or Fiction?

Killing an Oak Tree

The Draft as Collateral Damage

Pay No Attention to the Bush Behind the Curtain!

What If Saddam Went Into Exile?

Chemical Weapons or Not, Bush Will Attack Iraq

Murder in Zawatta

When You Go to Porto Alegre…

When Wisdom Lags Behind Technopower

Peace as a Civil Right

Rumsfeld’s Dementia

Bush as a B-Grade Nixon

The War You’ve Never Heard About

Italian Philosopher Giorgio Agamben Protests US Travel Policies