December 2002

the Real Distraction of Trent Lott

A Middle East Peace Process…Without the Middle East

an Interview with Iraqi Dissident Ghazwan Al-Mukhti

Henry Kissinger and Lou Dobbs, True Love At Last!

Retaliation in Guatemala

What Does Regime Change in Iraq Really Mean?

A Day That Changed America

Free Trent Lott!

The Biases of Elliot Abrams

Why Bush Is Silent About Saddam’s Poison Gas

Yes, Virginia, There is No Santa Claus

Why We Oppose This War

The War Against Toys and Pharma-ganda

Venezuela, a Canadian Perspective

Zionism Unbound

After the Terror

Caning Able, a review

License to Kill

US Policy During the Iran / Iraq War

Bush and the Neo-Con Pharisees

Iraq After D-Day

STAR 2000

Why We Voted No


The Impotence of Being Earnest

Bob Dylan Live, 1975

Screw the Humanitarian Bombers!

Bush’s Dual Loyalties

Rebranding the Catholic Church

Don’t Need a Weatherman

Chef Cheney and His Dinner Guests

The Vocabulary of Bombs

The Hypocrisy of Trent Lott’s Critics

Lula and Bush

Impeach Lott Now

Club Over Country

Trent Lott, Repeat Offender

Cheney’s Nixonian Cover Up

Lott Really Meant It

The War Club

Bush Pushes "Regime Change" in Venezuela

The Bush Vision

A Defense of Meth Addiction

You Have No Right to Remain Silent

Spies, Snitches and Eyes in the Sky

Striking with Impunity

With Liberators Like These, Who Needs Conquerors?

Help Wanted

An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden

What Really Happened in Altamira Plaza?

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