Caning Able, a review

If you’re aroused by the idea of naughty grown-up schoolboys being taught a lesson in gender dynamics via hardcore sadomasochistic sex by a troika of gorgeous powerful women–one young black Amazon, one nubile blonde beauty and one lusty English Lady of a certain age–then you’ll be in heaven at Renforth Manor, the Old School, Veddy Briddish setting for most of the nasty, rollicking action of Stan Kent’s witty, XXX-rated, feminist morality tale, Caning Able.

The moral of this sexy story is that Women Rule, or at least are a bit better than equal in sex and other business affairs in the modern world. But we don’t get to that moral until two of our heroines have been severely spanked and, yes, caned, as well as tied up, raped, molested, gangbanged, blackmailed, drugged, diabolically exploited and forced to take large male members in every luscious, quivering hole of their bodies.

First we meet Miss Penelope Crumleigh, the perfect embodiment of a perennial schoolboy fantasy: that of the adorable, seemingly innocent, but really very wanton schoolteacher, barely older than the unruly pupils she is charged with supervising, being swept up into carnal activity beyond her control.

Next, hailing from the beaches of Barbados, we encounter the tall, athletic, brilliant-as-she-is-beautiful, ebony-skinned Ms. Jasmine Able, from whose name we get the book’s title. Her challenge is to turn Caning Able from a painful gerund in which she is the passive object to an active adjective describing herself as the cane-wielding subject.

Finally, we are graced with the appearance of Lady Isabella Trent, the elegant older woman with the strongest sex drive of all, who helps to bring this tall erotic tale to a roaring wet climax.

The main setting for their amorous adventures is a cloistered country retreat where corporations send their stressed executives so that they might refresh their competitive drives in a traditional private school (or, as the English say, “public school”) atmosphere, regressing them to a strict, yet highly stimulated childhood. Here we encounter some male characters almost as erotically vivid as the female, like the sadistic Headmaster Jasper Rust, the hapless Head Boy (and Mama’s Boy) Alexander Trent, and the well-hung but well-meaning insurance executive Percy Paseley.

Reminiscent of Anne Rice’s Beauty books, though rather heavier on the witticism and lighter on the mysticism, Caning Able makes superb toilet reading, sure to satisfy a variety of erotic interests, make you laugh and tone up your feminist sensibilities as well.

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