Don’t Need a Weatherman

Funny how the information is “just out there”. Sometimes we don’t even have to go to some progressive web site or journal to get the truth. Sometimes, it just sits there, in between the disinformation and the hype.

Take USA Today’s edition for Dec. 5th. In the Money Section there are two stories, with the “truth” mixed into the verbiage.

Story 1 (cover) “Faltering Auto Sales Could Mean December Bargains”. Mingled in with all the news about possible sales programs to boost sagging auto sales due to a one year drop – GM down 18%, Ford down 19%, Chrysler down 10%- even ole reliable Toyota down 5%- they “hit” you with the crux facts. The “crux” facts are that, despite all the job layoffs and downsized labor, part time “Wal/MacD” workers, and so few high paying career positions, SOMEONE must be doing well- actually better than before. Why do I say that so boldly? Well, dear friends, as the drop in car sales of the “meat and potatoes” automakers ie the vehicles of choice for most “working class Americans” reflects our economic temperature, so too does the following: Mercedes Benz, BEST NOVEMBER EVER (up 3.4%), BMW (traditional Yuppie car of choice) up 10.8%, Audi up 9.8% and Land Rover (new Yuppie SUV of choice) up an astounding 38.8%!!! I guess some of us out there are doing soooooo well during these difficult times.

Page 3b of the Money Section: ” Insurer Wants Universal Coverage”. It seems the Blue Shield of California CEO states boldly that ” some of my peers in the industry may be disappointed with this approach…..We are willing to take the risks for a simple reason: the current system and its underlying economics are unsustainable. “Of course, the CEO, Bruce Bodaken, refuses to support the one true way to Universal Health, which is of course Universal Medicare for all Americans. That would mean cutting loose private insurance completely. Quentin Young, nat’l coordinator for Physicians for a Nat’l Health Program, who support the aforementioned Universal Medicare, says Bodaken ” has got the right diagnosis but the wrong treatment…. We need to end the profit-motivated distortions in our system.” Bodaken wants government to require employers to offer coverage, or pay into a fund. In turn, individuals would also be required to buy coverage, with the gov’t helping by giving subsidies to only low income Americans. In essence, as in all other recent instances of Corporate Welfare ( the Airlines, the Drug companies) the taxpayer would be subsidizing private insurance companies to stay in business! So, once again, we have the “truth’ mixed in with the news. Things are obviously so bad, that a corporate CEO admits the “system cannot sustain itself”. Then, and only then, does corporate America want Uncle Sam involved: to “bail them out!”

Well, Mr. and Mrs. America, there you have it. The “News”, hot off the press. Question is, what are ya gonna do about it? Are you going to continue to see your savings (if lucky to have any) diminish along with your health? While our Super Rich fellow Americans shop for more and more expensive cars, and visit the best doctors, perhaps we should “actively shop” for viable solutions, and demand nothing less! The climate in this nation is not changing…… it already has!!

Philip A Farruggio is a baby boomer Brooklyn NY born bred and educated (Brooklyn College ’74), Currently, he resides in Florida and is self employed as a mfg. rep for an environmental bacteria company. Philip writes for many publications as a free lance columnist.He can be reached at


Philip Farruggio, son of a longshoreman, is “Blue Collar Brooklyn” born, raised and educated (Brooklyn College, Class of ’74). A former progressive talk show host, Philip runs a mfg. rep. business and writes for many publications. He lives in Port Orange, FL. You can contact Mr. Farruggio at e-mail: