December 2002

Almost Armchair Travel

The Source of Terror

Bush’s War on the World’s Poor

Walter the Weatherman Waits for God

The Roots Genius of Doug Sahm

Becoming Peacemakers

How the INS is Killing Music

Let’s Build a Social Democracy

Report from Colombia

Bush’s War is Obscene and Unjustifiable

Draft Beer, Not Kids

Caffeine and the First Amendment

A New Silent Majority?

Dressing to the Left

A Pop Quiz on Korea

Dr. Bill Frist, Moral Monster

Nadav’s Pre-election Coup?

Media Silence on Israeli Segregationism?

Spielberg the Luddite?

Bush’s Bizarro Year in Review

Operation Provoke War

A 9-to-5er’s New Year’s Revolution

Arming for Armageddon

The Second Hindu Country?

Call Me Johnson

How Bush Sr. Sold the Gulf War

How 9/11 Events Helped Democracy to Evolve Toward Perfection

Hardening the American Heart

The Power of Audacity

Israeli Soldiers and Palestinian Youths

War Crimes, Us and Them

a Meditation on the Nature of Evil

Dealing with Accusations of Anti-Semitism

Saddam Delenda Est!

The Jihad International, Kashmir and Secularization

Clinton Boisvert, Sorry with a Capital S

The FBI’s Monkeywrench Alert

It’s the Occupation, Stupid!

Against US Hegemony and War on Iraq and in Solidarity with Palestine

How the Grinch Stole the Pardons

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Crossing Borders, Christmas in Iraq

Secular Steps in Preparing for War

War Toys and the National Character

An Open Letter to President Bush on the Torture of Al-Qaeda Suspects

North Korea, Calling Dubya’s Bluff

Notes on the Cairo Conference

Refusing to Fight in Israel

The Return of the Quiet American

Where are the Wise Men?