Snitching at Shoney’s

The Bush administration, complete with its Homeland (“Heimland”) Security fixation, Gestapo-like TIPS (Terrorist Information and Prevention System) program, and continuous war preparations and sabre rattling, now has its own hero: Eunice Stone of Cartersville, Georgia. The Nazis glorified a young 22-year old man named Horst Wessel. A Nazi thug and whoremonger, Wessel was supposedly killed in his Berlin rooming house by Communists. In fact, Wessel died in a bar room brawl fight over a prostitute. Nevertheless, Horst Wessel became a hero and his song became the official Nazi anthem.

Now, the Bush administration and its allies in the corporate media are praising Stone for turning in three young Muslim medical students who stopped at a Calhoun, Georgia restaurant on their way to Miami. Stone said she heard the men talking about September 11 and that they were running five hours late. Thinking such conversations by foreigners were suspicious, Stone turned them into the authorities. Stone’s vigilantism prompted the closing down of a 20-mile stretch of Interstate 75 and a massive dragnet in the former constitutional state of Florida. The three men who Stone determined were threats were stopped by police and arrested. Finding the men innocent, police and FBI agents had no other choice but to release them but their were signals that either Georgia or Florida’s Obergruppenführer Jeb Bush would charge the men with perpetrating a hoax. It remains undetermined whether hoaxes are considered by Reichsmarshal John Ashcroft as acts of terror and hoaxsters worthy of the designation “enemy combatant.”

But no one spoke of charging Eunice Stone with perpetrating a hoax. Because Stone is a portly blond nurse in her mid-forties and the three young men were dark skinned West and Central Asian-Americans, the burden of proof fell on the Muslims to defend themselves against the accusations of a “real American.”

Stone is now a hero to the administration and the media. She is being hailed for doing the “right thing” (no pun intended). Just like Horst Wessel, Eunice Stone will become the symbol for a “vigilant America.” No doubt she will be invited to Washington to participate in opening ceremonies for the Department of Homeland Security. Unofficial Minister of Propaganda Karl (with a “K”) Rove can see the benefits of extolling the virtues of Stone. Like Stone, all Americans should report suspicious foreigners while conducting their normal activities: standing in the checkout lanes of Wal-Mart, buying beer at NASCAR races, and eating at Shoney’s after attending Sunday church services.

Eunice Stone may even become glorified in an anthem that could be sung every Patriots’ Day (the September 11 holiday that will soon replace the socialist-sounding Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer). By just changing a few words from the Horst Wessel song, the Eunice Stone Song would be a clarion call for red necks everywhere to turn in their “suspicious-looking” neighbors and co-workers.

Flag high, ranks closed, The TIPsters march with silent solid steps. Friends on alert for foreign killers march in spirit with us in our ranks. The street free for the anti-terror battalions, The street free for the TIPsters. Millions, full of hope, look up at Old Glory; The day breaks for freedom and for bread.

For the last time the call will now be blown; For the struggle now we all stand ready. Soon will fly American flags over every country; Our way of life adopted by every human.

Flag high, ranks closed, The TIPsters march with silent solid steps. Friends on alert for foreign killers march in spirit with us in our ranks.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and columnist. He wrote the introduction to Forbidden Truth.

Madsen can be reached at: