Einstein’s Regret

Einstein’s regret ran deep Like the deep pools of sorrow That were his eyes.

His mind could see things That others could not, The bending of light,

The slowing of time, Relationships of trains passing In the night, and power,

Dormant and asleep, That could be awakened, But who would dare?

He saw patterns In snowflakes and stars, Unimaginable simplicity

To make one weep with joy.

When the shadow of Hitler Spread across Europe. What was Einstein to do

But what he did? His regret ran deep, deeper Than the deep pools of sorrow

That were his eyes. David Krieger is president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. He is the co-author with Daisaku Ikeda of Choose Hope: Your Role in Waging Peace in the Nuclear Age recently published by Middleway Press. He can be contacted at dkrieger@napf.org.


David Krieger is president emeritus of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (www.wagingpeace.org).