April 2002

Terrorism vs. Tayloris

The Battle for the St. Petersburg Zoo

The Fabrications of Thomas Friedman

FSU the Berkeley of the South

Blaming the Victims

A Tale of Two Warring Tribes

World Bank to West Bank

From the West Bank to Old Sparky

Political Color Schemes

From the West Bank to Old Sparky

Israelis and Indians

US-Sponsored State Terror

Memories of Barbarity, Sharonism and September

Buyer Beware

The Twisted World of Thomas Friedman

Colin Powell’s Table Talk

I Helped to Kill a Palestinian Today

What’s Playing At My House

Mouth Wide Shut

How Did You Become a War Criminal?

Anthrax and the Agency

From Birmingham to Nashville, The Making of Tammy Wynette

Not in My Name Anymore

The Search for Bread Among the Ruins

Accompanying Ambulances in Bethlehem