Russia’s Top Military Astrologer, Who Forecast Putin’s Rise, Warns of New Terror, Asserts Power of Stars, But Concedes Measure of Free Will

The inflation rate will aggravate in March, premier Mikhail Kasyanov will be dismissed in May, the world war may start in 2008, Alexander Voloshin–the head of the presidential administration – will be dismissed in September. This was predicted by Alexander Buzinov, the former supervisor of the disbanded laboratory for space and astrological forecasts of the Russian Defense Ministry.

This man predicted the attempt on General Romanov’s life in Chechnya, the sinking of the Estonia ferryboat, the acts of terrorism in the town of Budyonovsk, the scandal with the Russian NTV television network, Yeltsin’s early resignation, the events of September 11 in the USA. Buzinov also predicted several natural disasters, man-caused catastrophes, breakdowns and other states of emergency. Anyway, he does not consider him a fortune teller, he also says he is not a “pure-bred astrologer.”

Question: People say it was you, who predicted President Putin’s appearance. They say you did it two and a half years before it actually happened.

Answer: The story was as follows. I once was offered to give my own forecast on television. I wrote down three basic points: early elections, the birth date of the future president–between October 1 and October 10 of 1952 and I wrote that the last name of the new president will definitely have characters u and in. When it was all over, they opened that envelope and it turned out that we were right.

Q: This work probably required some special knowledge. How did you become what you are now and where do the people like you come from?

A: I was born in Leningrad, graduated from Popov’s naval radio electronics school. I served in the North for long, then in Angola. Before my demobilization an officer came to my office and said he was not going to work the next day. I asked him why, and he answered there were certain phases, which recommended that. I got interested, asked him to give me some books on that and started reading. When I returned from Angola, I had to face the choice: what shall I do next? How can I explain the coming problems and what is most important–is it possible to avoid them? I enrolled the academy of astrology, started studying the cycles of the planets, and then I found for myself, what I was going to deal with.

Q: And how far did you manage to go?

A: At that time I was the head of the special laboratory of the space and astrological forecasts at the Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry. In April of 1994 I hung a map on the wall, invited the administration of the institute and told them about a possibility for worst-case situations to come up. I predicted the explosion of warehouses in Vladivostok, the collision of submarines, the withdrawal of our troops from Yemen. When my forecasts started coming true, I sensed that my work was not in vain.

Q: And then you had loads of those, who wished to learn their future?

A: No. At first we had to undergo a lot of tests and probes. They asked us to tell them all top secret breakdowns, which had taken place in the past. We calculated everything with precision. Then there was a more difficult thing for us to do. They named ten planes and ten pilots and we had to find out, who of them had an air incident and when.

Q: How was it?

A: There was only one mistake, but it was not big. The rest of the dates were correct. Then we started working in the Scientific Research Institute of the Air Force, made some hundred forecasts. And do you know, what was curious? The pilots themselves did not wish to know, when it was going to happen and how. But they insisted, their commanders should know it.

Q: So what is more important? Magic or the scientific calculation?

A: Speaking about magic, I believe in it, or started believing in it, to be more precise. The rhythm of a human life is determined with the space and physical factors of his birth–with the solar activity, solar and lunar cycles, the movement of the planets. At the same time, two people, who were born in one and the same place, can have totally different lives, because they have different parents. That is why we use the so-called rhythm-driving factors in our forecasts. In other words, we forecast a complex of the influences of a human being, the technological influence, the influence of the region on the possibility of the worst-case situations to happen.

Q: The three constituents?

A: Yes, they are the ground. It is also very important to know the smallest details of a person’s life. If you combine all that data together, then it is possible to get a 90% precise forecast.

Q: But this is a very valuable information. If you have it, then you may avoid a lot of troubles.

A: I think so. There are a lot of state and commercial structures among our clients, as well as well-known politicians and businessmen. Some of them are our constant clients. But there is a problem, anyway – the majority of structures does not need such information at all. For example, the Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Q: Really?

A: Yes. In their respond to our warning about an earthquake in Okha, they answered that according to their information the earthquake would take place in another place. When we started insisting on our data, they claimed they had carried out a large work and invested a lot of money. So they did not need to start it all over again. What for? The best thing is know nothing about the possible catastrophes. It so happens that our Emergency Situations Ministry looks more like a rescue service.

Q: Do other departments have the same attitude towards your forecasts?

A: The Ministry for Nuclear Power acted very competently. When we were studying the situation at all nuclear power plants, as they asked us to, we warned them about a possible danger at one of those nuclear plants, and the Ministry took the adequate security measures.

Q: Are we the slaves of space? Can we make our lives the way we want to?

A: The people can go along their life path in a very wide corridor. They can change their fates owing to the change of some circumstances, behaviour, life style.

Q: Do you have a plan for yourself?

A: Of course. Here it is. It is mentioned here that the best time for negotiations is 1 p.m. So I did everything in order to set another time for a very important meeting today.

Q: Can this knowledge be a burden?

A: Not at all. For example, I have to go to Moscow, but pursuant to the cycle, I’d better stay home. So what shall I do? I can go, of course. But if I go, then I have to get some insurance, like not to drink during the trip, not to make any contacts–to minimize my risk in other words. If you are warned, then you are armed.

Q: So who is the initiator of the terror attack on America?

A: Bin Laden, there are no doubts among the astrologers here. He was born June 28, 1957 and his horoscope is a typical for a terrorist. To so-called return of the black moon falls on September–this is the climax of the orbit of the lunar cycles with the forces of the world evil. There are three stars above him–Antares, Hara and Alhafera–these stars are directly connected with brutality and crimes. Antares is considered to be the most horrible star and this star is influencing him on the level of 100%.

Q: And how long will he be dangerous?

A: We suppose that if there is the information saying Osama bin Laden is dead or killed, then it will not be the real Bin Laden killed, but one of his “twins.” The preliminary rhythmical analyses show that February 1-15, March 15.-31, May 1-10 of the year 2002 are going to be the most dangerous days for him. Bin Laden is going to be extremely dangerous for the West in February–March. If he is not killed during these periods, then it will be possible to kill him only in 2006-2008.

Q: So there is something to worry about for the West?

A: We forecast two serious crises for the USA and for George Bush himself, and also another two strikes, similar to the events of September 11. The first strike can be made against a large industrial enterprise, a large passenger or military vessel, or the underground communications. The last variant is also dangerous for Moscow as well. The second strike is most likely to take place in April-May. There will be a threat of life-threatening attempts on the world leaders–Putin and Bush, but they will not suffer. We forecast serious contradictions in the new government of Afghanistan, the UN will fail to deploy its troops in the Pashtuns’ regions. Thus, the World War III will last not for a year or two, but much longer, fading and growing. The second half of the year 2003 and the year 2008 maybe the most difficult times in the future.

Q: Sounds scary. Will it touch upon Russia?

A: The opposition to OPEC will be very hard. The efforts to set up another union of oil-extracting countries may start in February-March, reaching their climax in July-August and then developing further on till the end of 2003. It will be the time of instability on the world financial and oil markets, the oil reduction trend will be bigger, than it will be mentioned in the budget.

Q: What should Russia get ready for?

A: Inflation will be one of the major problems of the economy. The positive consequences of the devaluation in 1998 have been exhausted, the investments will flow not earlier, than in a year. The population will sense the worsening of the situation in February already. In March the inflation rate will go beyond the levels of the figures, fixed in the budget. The banking crisis will make the situation even worse. The adversaries of Putin’s pro-Western course will get more active, both within the country and abroad (Lukashenko–the president of Belarus). There will be a serious governmental crisis in April and Mikhail Kasyanov will be dismissed in May. The turn for the head of the presidential administration, Alexander Voloshin, will come not later, than in September. The Kremlin will toughen the inner policy in June, there will be stricter approaches to all spheres of life. The Moscow mayor, Yury Luzhkov, is expected to experience considerable difficulties in February-June. If he manages to do something in the beginning of the problems, then he is going to lose by summer anyway. The fundamental changes in the career of the Russian Emergency Situations Minister, Sergey Shoigu will take place in July. Railway Minister, Nikolay Aksenenko, will go through big trouble in January, and he is most likely to quit by April. The period of April-May and September-November of 2002 will be the time of the considerable cadre changes. The issue of the Unified State between Russia and Belarus will remain as languid as it is now. The elections to the parliament of the Unified State, which were planned to take place at the end of the year 2002 will be more of the demonstrative character, than a constructive event; if they take place at all.

Q: Will there be anything good for the country and its citizens?

A: On the whole the year 2002 will be a very good year for Russia.

Pravda. Translated by Dmitry Sudakov