The Mob as "Terrorist Associates"

Under the Patriot Act the U.S. Government can use a “new charge” to arrest Mob members. The Act-redefined “Terrorist Association” as any criminal activity that may “relate” to supporting terrorists.

The Act defines terrorist activity as any criminal activity that “participates” in “World Markets” that terrorists may use or depend on for their support.”

For prosecution, the U.S. Patriot Act merges common criminal activity with supporting terrorism: The Act states: criminals and terrorists use the same world “networks and organizations to “Market” illegal-drugs; and both have interests in criminal activity.”

The U.S. Government can use the Act to charge any criminal activity involving illegal drugs as being “related” to a “criminal market” that networks with terrorists. It seems unlikely “illegal drug marketers” can stop terrorists from using their networks to distribute drugs or other criminal activity.

The Act lends itself to abuse/selective enforcement: The Act has opened the door for police to make large-scale arrests and property confiscation. Even seize lawful businesses, organizations, any asset police allege supported a criminal or terrorist organization interest.

Charged Defendants Under the Act: Defendants start out guilty-having to prove they did not reasonably have reason to know the person(s), organization or entity they associated or networked had committed a terrorist act or would commit one in the future. What constitutes terrorism under the Act may be arbitrarily decided by police: Any physical act that is legal or illegal may be alleged by police to be a terrorist act under 18USC 2331. For Example: Union demonstrators fighting with strike breakers. Note: No one need be injured for police to make terrorist charges; demonstrators need only “appear intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; or to influence the policy of a government”. (See 18USC ).

Under Patriot Act-Common Criminal Conduct Supports Terrorism: “illegal drug marketers” and their “networks” “join” to assist “criminal markets” that may help terrorists. “Criminal Markets” under the Act may involve any illegal activity.

The Act’s mention of incidental criminal networks-opened the door for police under the Act’s anti-terrorism provision to use “secret evidence and witnesses” against non-terrorist criminal defendants in both U.S. Military Tribunals and Civilian “Star Chamber Courts”. It would seem not possible for anyone to defend against government-paid and/or other secret witnesses when a defendant is not allowed to learn the evidence being used against them. Under such circumstances, government interests should have no difficulty causing the imprisonment, execution and/or confiscation of assets of any person government deems undesirable.

Under the Patriot Act: The Government got the power from Congress to charge Citizens for crimes that allegedly “relate” to activities that may support terrorists or threaten the safety, economic or national security of the United States. Foreign terrorist suspects now sit in U.S. Jails. Great! But could Americans be next to lose their right to have confidential meetings with attorneys. Imagine Americans, forced to endure Government agents sitting at their table whenever an attorney comes to meet with them in jail? Could this happen here? The media has not fully addressed this Constitutional concern.