The General Who Came to Dinner

General Musharraf’s coming to dinner, Is he a loser or is he a winner? The White House kitchen is all a flutter, Condee Rice with melted butter?

The Secretary of State is called for advice, The General, he says, is incredibly nice Enjoys a drink, is hot in the sack Just this once, couldn’t we get Clinton back?

Rumsfeld’s nervous, just back from Delhi, Where they think the General’s smelly; Their nuclear trigger’s primed and set In case the General loses his bet.

Cheney, feels his pacemaker: ‘Im ready! I’ll make sure the General’s steady, ‘If he shifts we’ll pull the plug, Down he’ll go, glug, glug, glug.’

In Kabul and Kandahar A special transmission on al-Jazeera: They watch the feast from afar. ‘Look’ a child shouts, ‘Look at the food’. It does not improve his mother’s mood: ‘Watch them closely, my son. Those men who eat Are the men who bomb.’

Tariq Ali is the author of The Stone Woman, the third novel in his Islamic Quartet, just published in paperback by Verso.

Tariq Ali is the author of The Obama Syndrome (Verso).