October 2001

Marginalization and Terror

A Flood of Refugees

The Real Enemy is Ignorance

Northern Alliance Says Attacks Seriously Weakened the Taliban

The Pakistan Maelstrom

The Dumbest Weapon of War

Alternatives to War

The Empire Strikes Back

Return to Normal, You Say?

Flashes and Plumes of Fire

What Is To Be Done?

West Is As West Does

First Strike

Colin Powell on Afghanistan and ClausewitzBrenner

The Northern Alliance’s Airport

US War Aims

Hitchens’ Slurs

Questions and Answers About War in Afghanistan

Taliban Cluster Bombs

The Rout That Wasn’t

A Suspect’s Perspective

Where the Grapes of Wrath Are Stored

Dylan and 9/11

Chatting With Chomsky

Blair’s Case Against Osama bin Laden