October 2001

The Anthrax Chronicles

The CIA and Anthrax

The Phoney War Will Get Real Very Soon

US Planes Pound Taliban Troops

The Roots of Conflict

US Bombs Northern Alliance

A Non-Western Voice on the War

Northern Alliance Attacks US War Plan

Criminal Bombing

The Battle of Mazar-i-Sharif

War American Style

New Anti-Terrorism Law Poses Old Risks

US Planes Pound Taliban Troops

The Battle for Mazar-i-Sharif Gets Nasty

Clash of Civilizations? Think Again

War is only a secondary concern in a village that keeps being invaded

Letters to Editors

War on America:

War in a Passive Voice

Can War Save the Economy?

They Should Be Tried in Court

Former US Ambassador to Iraq Calls US War Plan “Dumb”

Alliance Calls for Bombing of Taliban Troops

Earth Is Our Homeland

This War is Illegal

Marginalization and Terror

A Flood of Refugees

The Real Enemy is Ignorance

Northern Alliance Says Attacks Seriously Weakened the Taliban

The Pakistan Maelstrom

The Dumbest Weapon of War

Alternatives to War

The Empire Strikes Back

Return to Normal, You Say?

Flashes and Plumes of Fire

What Is To Be Done?

West Is As West Does

First Strike

Colin Powell on Afghanistan and ClausewitzBrenner

The Northern Alliance’s Airport

US War Aims

Hitchens’ Slurs

Questions and Answers About War in Afghanistan

Taliban Cluster Bombs

The FBI and Civil Liberties

Send in the Cons

The Rout That Wasn’t

A Suspect’s Perspective

Where the Grapes of Wrath Are Stored

Dylan and 9/11