Hitler On Pat Buchanan

Though now 110 years old, and in poor physical shape, Adolf Hitler felt strong enough for a brief chat on the phone from his nursing home in Asuncion about the row over Pat Buchanan’s new book.

Do you agree that America’s entry into the First World War in 1917 prevented a compromise peace between Germany and its European antagonists, Britain and France, and ensured Germany’s utter defeat, national humiliation, thus setting the stage for your own rise to power?

Hitler: Nein. It was the sabotage from within Germany that rendered vain all the sacrifices and deprivations, the hunger and thirst of endless months, the death of two millions who died thereby…

To put it another way…

…Would not the graves of all the hundreds of thousands open up, would they not open and send the silent heroes, covered with mud and blood, home as spirits of revenge, to the country that had so mockingly cheated them?

But, Herr Hitler…

Was it for this that boys of seventeen sank into Flanders Fields? Was that the meaning of the sacrifice which the German mother brought to the fatherland, when with an aching heart she let her most beloved boys go away, never to see them again? Was it all for this that now a handful of miserable criminals was allowed to lay hands on the fatherland? Germany fell through the fantastic conception of a Niebelungen league with the Habsburg State cadaver.

But the Versailles Treaty

Allow me to complete my thought. Germany was stabbed in the back, but of course the Treaty was of boundless use to us, a means of whippping up national passions to the boiling point, until in the heads of sixty million men and women the same hate became a single fiery sea of flames, out of whose glow a steely will arose, and the cry forced itself, WE WANT ARMS ONCE MORE!

Mr Buchanan argues that Amderican intervention prevented a truce for Germany in the west with Britain and France that would have allowed Germany to turn east and crush the Bolsheviks.

Buchanan forgets that the ultimate goal of French diplomacy always stands in opposition to the final tendency of British statecraft. There was no necessary English interest in crushing Germany. The German people’s irreconcilable and mortal enemy is and remains France. It does not matter who ruled or will rule in France, whether Bourbons or Jacobins, Bonapartists or bourgeois democrats, clerical republicans or red Bolsheviks, the final goal of her foreign-policy activity was always an effort to hold the Rhine frontier and to guarantee this stream by means of a disintegrated and dismembered Germany.

Some of Buchanan’s critics…

… France both before, during and after the war remained the most terrible enemy. This people, which was constantly becoming more negro-ified, by its tie with the aims of Jewish world dominion constituted a grim danger for the existence of the European white race. For infection in the heart of Europe through negro blood on the Rhine corresponded equally to the sadistic perverse vengefulness of this chauvinistic, hereditary enemy of our people, and to the ice-cold plan of the Jews thus to begin bastardizing the European continent at its core and, through infection by inferior humanity, to deprive the white race of the foundations for a sovereign existence.

Mr Hitler, we have only a few minutes left…

Don’t interrupt all the time, godamnit. Now you’ve made me lose my train of thought. What was I saying?

You were talking about France, Herr Hitler.

Ach, Ja! What France, spurred by its own vengefulness, methodically led by the Jew, was doing in Europe was a sin against the existence of white humanity. Incidentally, we in the National Socialists learned much on these matters from your own great American thinkers, Madison Grant, Dr Stoddard, Charles Davenport. As for attacking Russia, well of course in Russian bolshevism we saw Jewry’s twentieth-century effort to take world dominion unto itself. To paraphrase Grant, whose Passing of the Great Race I still have here on my night table, the impotence of nations, their own death of old age, comes from the abandonment of their purity of blood. And the Jew guards this better than any other people of the earth. Thereby he continues to move further on his fatal course, until another force opposes him and, in a mighty struggle, once more pitches the stormer of the heavens back at Lucifer…

Mr Hitler, we’re running out of time.

OK. I’m almost though, and anyway the nurse here is telling me not to getting over-excited. But just to finish the thought, for centuries Russia drew nourishment from a Germanic nucleus to its superior strata of thinkers. The Jews obliterated this. Jewry itself is not an organizing element, but a ferment of decomposition. Good to talk to you. Remind me if you call again to explain that the crucial watershed in the l930s was my reoccupation of the Rhineland in l936. If Britain and France had counter-attacked our goose would have been cooked. Militarily, we were bluffing. It was a colossal gamble. But the British let me get away with it. As for your Roosevelt, well of course the Jews pushed him into the war. Okay, okay. Auf wiedersehn and don’t forget to read Grant. Try reading his Alien in Our Midst. Buchanan probably knows it.

Jeffrey St. Clair is editor of CounterPunch. His new book is The Big Heat: Earth on the Brink co-written with Joshua Frank. He can be reached at: sitka@comcast.net. Alexander Cockburn’s Guillotined! and A Colossal Wreck are available from CounterPunch.