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Archives by Tag 'Occupy movement'
Occupy vs. the Global Race to the Bottom
Ever since the first tent was pitched in Zuccotti Park in September 2011, the Occupy protests have been giving life to a “99 percent movement.” Expect to hear a lot more from them: plans for a ...
The Queasy Liberal
Once in a blue moon, which is still far too often, one encounters the lie that Nazism was a manifestation of the left. A quick way to refute this myth is to note that Nazism’s immediate tasks upon taking power were destroying the German Communist Party, sending communis...
Occupy Prisons
“Manhandled, arrested, cuffed, searched, and locked away in the Tombs” is how AlterNet described the story of protester Barbara Schneider Reilly, who spent 30 hours in jail after being arrested at an Occupy Wall Street-related protest in Octob...
Capitalism’s Fracking Iceberg
I’ve always hated Superbowl Sunday: *the eating as anesthesia for the painful post- holiday spending spree; *the guilt-free mindless enjoyment of a gladiator match; *the circus-like way it distracts a dying empire’s masses from taking ...
Should Occupy Use Violence?
Back in the mid-1980s, when the African National Congress was still fighting the South Africa’s apartheid regime, I recall Secretary of State George Schultz testifying before some Senate committee. He clutched his pearls at the appearance that “some members of...
The Surgeons of Occupy
In his February 6 article entitled, “The Cancer of Occupy,”Chris Hedges attempts to a...
Occupy Corporations
“Corporations are people, my friend.” — Mitt Romney at Iowa State Fair Corporations are obviously not people.  But Romney is accurate in the sense that corporations have hijacked most of the rights of people while evading ...
Out of the Ashes
The Sonoma County daily’s Press Democrat Feb. 1 editorial “Occupy Movement in Ashes” is wishful thinking. Our phoenix will rise during this month. You wait. You watch. You see. Occupy is still an infant, having been born in New York Sept. 17 with Occupy Wall ...
Talking With Ani DiFranco
She’s dealt with a lot of obstacles–dismissal of her music, sexist condescension, even attempts from Clear Channel to shut down her concerts. But over the past two decades, Ani DiFranco has remained thankfully relentless, and become a force to be reckoned...
From Worship to Wall Street
When a controversial protest movement arises, Christians often ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?”  Thus today the repeated question, “Would Jesus join the Occupy Wall Street Movement?” Certain Christians say Jesus would not be involved in Occupy Wall S...
99 to 1
George Randt is a doctor of internal medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s also a supporter of a single payer national health insurance system. Randt was in downtown Cleveland last month at a rally to protest cuts to public services. At the rally,...
Oakland’s Dirty War
As winter sets in, the Occupy Movement nationwide confronts a new series of challenges. Conspiring with the weather, however, is the threat of a shifting policing model currently being tested out in Oakland. Coercive Attrition The Italian Co...
Police State Targeted by New Year’s Eve Demos
If mainstream media reports on a New Year’s Eve demonstration in downtown Bloomington, Indiana are given any credibility, the only crimes committed that evening were perpetrated by a couple protesters, and the city’s lightweight mayor may take away Occupy Bloo...
Remembering Another Occupy
The year 2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the great sit-down strike wave of 1937.  It also begins the second year of the Occupy movement, which has more than a few similarities to the time when hundreds of thousands of Americans occupied their workplaces. The fi...
What Equality?
2011 was not a good year for the public image of ruling classes around the world; even Time Magazine named their nemesis, “the protester,” person of the year.  But the pillars of the ancien régime still feel secure.  Why shouldn’t they?  They o...
This Land is Your Land …Or is It?
Having spent the better part of two months as an embedded reporter with Occupy OKC’s camp in Kerr Park (aka Poet’s Park) I have often praised both the city and police department. Oklahoma City’s occupation has so far managed to avoid the mass arrests and...
Triad of Business, Cops & Politicians Attack Occupy
A political campaign by San Francisco’s well-heeled “property owners” was launched to influence police and politicians to aggressively demobilize Occupy SF and to dismantle their encampments. And, there are documents to prove it. Things did not start out this...
Assembly Time
Kabul Arab Spring, European Summer, American Autumn, and now the challenge of winter. Here in Kabul, Afghanistan, the travelers of our small Voices for Creative Nonviolence delegation share an apartment with several of the creative and determined “...
The Bi-Partisan Attack on Medicare
Politicians are attacking Medicare and Medicaid on all sides–Democrats and Republicans alike. Obama’s national health care bill will slash hundreds of billions from Medicare over the next decade, an act supported by so-called “progressive” Democra...
Class Conflict in Mendocino County
Menodcino County denizens have organized several different projects as part of the Occupy Movement, the most innovative being Occupy Hendy Woods and the Occupy Mendocino County Food Initiative, each of which dovetails nicely with a prominent aspect of regional culture (re...
Occupy the NRC
A new and important phase in the Occupy movement began last week as Occupiers from Occupy Toledo crossed the border into southeast Michigan to target the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at a public meeting held to promote the construction of a new Fermi 3 Nuclear Power Plan...
What’s So Great About Efficiency?
Early in the last century the Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci developed the idea of hegemony as a hidden ideology behind political, economic and cultural domination. What is understood by dominant cultures as straightforward explanation of the natural world, co...
Class Struggle on the Waterfront
With less than a month’s time with which to plan, Occupy Portland set out early Monday morning to shutdown the Port of Portland.  Braving the morning’s freezing fog, protesters began arriving at Kelly Point Park around 6 a.m. for a final staging before breaking into...
I Ain’t Got No Home
Can we truly be at home in the marketplace? What kind of place is the marketplace, anyway, and how is it related to places like our communities, our homes, and the places we love in the natural world? Has the marketplace effectively replaced these physical/mental places b...
Occupy and Class Struggle on the Waterfront
On December 12th, the entire Occupy movement on the West Coast will blockade their respective ports to shut down “Wall Street on the Waterfront.”  This is both an effort to build a mass social struggle in the US against the 1% and a coordinated response to th...