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Archives by Tag 'neoliberalism'
Obama’s Jobs Bill and Other Fictions
Several seemingly well meaning pundits have asked: if Occupy Wall Street wants jobs, why don’t they come out and support President Obama’s jobs bill? Answering only for myself, the better question is: why doesn’t Obama support his own jobs bill? The White House is c...
Street Action
Politicians face a spreading revolt against Wall Street, financial tycoons, banks in general and an insensitive government that ignores people’s needs. The latest poll shows a radical lack of confidence for those running the government A September 30 Gallup poll ...
A Coup in the European Union?
European Union workers’ pretentions to better pay and working conditions, shorter working lives, munificent retirement benefits, long holidays and time off for this and that have got to be brought under control!  Enough is enough! Let ...
From Argentina to Wall Street
Massive buildings tower over Wall Street, making the sidewalks feel like valleys in an urban mountain range. The incense, drum beats and chants of Occupy Wall Street echo down New York City’s financial district from Liberty Plaza, where thousands of activists have conve...
The Party’s Over
The party’s over. The national delusion that began 30 years ago with the inauguration of Ronald Reagan has run its course. Free trade, competition, innovation, entrepreneurship, market driven, bottom line, laissez faire, deregulation, privatization, mission statements, ...
Neoliberals on Bikes
Hamburg’s most fashionable district is also its greenest, though this is not immediately apparent from the foot of the Marco Polo Tower — 16 storeys of luxury apartments that look like a sliced loaf. (They cost an average €3.7m.) A love of nature isn’t obvio...
Is Capitalism Preparing to Bury Itself?
Where is Henry Ford when you need him? You may remember Henry — the ruthless industrialist who nonetheless refused to be hobbled by suicidal ideology when it came to doing business. He realized as his workers cranked thousands of new cars off the assembly lin...
Neoliberalism and Its Discontents
One might think that in this brave new world of escalating global economic and social problems and burgeoning BRICs, priority might be given to forging consensus with the new rising powers to get the planet out of its economic rut and building a future less reliant on rui...
The New Agencies of Change
An angry demonstration virus spreads to country after country in response to negligent and callous political leaders who have ignored the basic needs of their citizens. Instead, they have bowed or eagerly catered to demands of multinational corporations and banks, thus de...
Is Obama’s Pragmatism a Losing Bet for 2012?
Reflecting upon growing voter indifference in democracies across the Atlantic, historian Tony Judt chalked it up to a roster of world leaders that “convey neither conviction nor authority” and “stand for nothing in particular.” These words resonate in the aftermat...
Burning Britain
The rioting, looting and plunder that started in Tottenham on Saturday has now spread like wildfire throughout the capital. Shops were broken into, properties vandalized, and flats and vehicles set alight by gangs of mostly young men in Croydon, Clapham, Brixton, Hackney,...
Empire and Inequality Win Again
Recall the conservative U.S. President Barack Obama’s televised speech to the nation on the evening of June 22, 2011 – the one where he announced the removal of 33,000 troops from illegally invaded Afghanistan by September 2012. “We are a nation,” Obama proclaimed...
Capitalism at the Guillotine
Hard times always bring to surface questions about the sanctity and the viability of an economic system. The Ancien Régime, established in France from the 15th through the 18th centuries, failed when hard times hit because too many people felt the economic system’s san...
The Change That Didn’t Happen
With the announcement of the candidacy of Barack Obama for President of the United States in 2012, the campaign trail has officially started. Contrary to what one might have expected two years ago, Obama faces a tough re-election challenge. Furthermore, a victory does not...
Whose Black President?
Consider the following quote from Progressive magazine editor Matthew Rothschild last October: “With economic pain at the highest level ever seen by most Americans, and with minorities especially hard hit, we’re seeing a revolt not by people of color, not th...