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ANATOMY OF TORTURE — Historian Christopher Dietrich on the 100-year-long history of American torture; Jeffrey St. Clair on the implications of giving impunity to the CIA’s torturers; Chris Floyd on how the US has exported torture to its client states around the world. David Macaray on the Paradoxes of Police Unions; Louis Proyect on Slave Rebellions in the Open Seas; Paul Krassner on the Perils of Political Cartooning; Martha Rosenberg on the dangers of Livestock Shot-up with Antibiotics; and Lee Ballinger on Elvis, Race and the Poor South. Plus: Mike Whitney on Greece and the Eurozone and JoAnn Wypijewski on Media Lies that Killed.
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The Waste Land
Across two evenings this week, we’ve been offered America’s future in a couple of visions. Neither of them offered the prime vitamin of bearable politics, the promise of good cheer and a better life at the end of a shortish tunnel. Version one came in t...
Toward a New New Deal
On Thursday night Barack Obama delivered his highly anticipated jobs speech. At this point, it’s fair to say that he’s gone back to the usual predictable stuff—a one-year extension of the payroll tax cut, a continuation of unemployment benefits, some addit...
The End of Loser Liberalism
National political discussion of the economics and budgets over the last two decades have been dominated by the debate over President Clinton’s tax increase and President Bush’s subsequent reversal of this tax hike. If we narrow down the focus to the hike on t...
What’s Fair?
Who knows what, if anything, congressional Tea Partiers and their fellow travellers had in mind when they signed on to Grover Norquist’s “no new taxes” pledge.  Those not in the grip of obscure theocratic doctrines probably thought that the pledge is in line with l...
Empire vs. Multitude: Talking with Antonio Negri
When Toni Negri, now 78, writes and speaks, there is something Latinate in his linguistics, yet the discourse is clear, disciplined, lucid, and playful. His bearhug greeting is muscular and powerful, as are the workings of his formidable intellect. We need his kind of thi...
The Failed Dogma of the ECB
The European Central Bank (ECB) is run by people who are not very good at economics. They continue to adhere to a fundamentally wrongheaded view of the economy and the central bank’s role within it. Unfortunately there is no internal pressure for change because, lik...
Wall Street, Main Street and the Debt Deal
The debt deal cuts roughly $2.4 trillion in federal spending over the next decade without any new revenue streams. It slashes social services like education and health, and threatens to weaken the vital entitlement programs of our frayed social safety net. It is far from ...
Let Me Be Clear: We Should Not Eat the Poor!
first black humorist in the English language, and partly because, in a way, he’s family: my full name is John Temple Eskow, and a direct ancestor of mine, Sir William Temple, was Swift’s literary secretary. So maybe I can be forgiven my ever-growing hunch that...
Air Rage
Helen Redmond
Go to the airport. Get on an airplane. See how class flies. Travel classes. Cabin classes: First Class. Business Class. Economy Class. No attempt to hide class. Class inequality in your face. Up in the air. Class bought. Booked. Unabashed class...