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Subversion and the State Warmly Embraced

Grace Abounding to the Chiefs of Globalization


For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

1Timothy 6:10, King James Bible

A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.

 Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat, 348

In the Western World as a ‘geopolitikal power blok'; that which Orwell referred to as ‘Oceania‘, there is a precedence of the Bank of England over the Federal Reserve, albeit that the ‘takeover’ of the Bank of England was more ‘silent’ than as concerns the Federal Reserve concerning  history as would be secret?

You are, as fellow ‘Counterpuncher‘, to read a subversion of the State as status quo (!) which would prevail, as such there are being many labels which could be applied – but the facts, as of Room 101 or Guantanamo Bay – they speak for themselves, and foremost amongst such ‘geopolitikal’ contemporaneous is: why exactly the Ukraine should be rushing in to a ‘warm embrace’ of the European Union, given the problems of same subjugation as reflected in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, not to mention the United Kingdom?

And that the methodology as a ‘modus operandi’ be established? (See ‘Footnote’ explicating ‘warmness of embrace’?)

The real tragedies of the current epoch so construed Geopolitikal are: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Ukraine? (For these small quarters ‘Libya’ is the greatest tragedy, albeit the numbers ‘smallest’?)

That is, ‘Ages of Darkness’ as per Lichtenberg exist so as according to the proportion of the fear against ‘speaking up for ‘change’ – and in inverse relationship accordant the dominance of what can be referred to as the ‘mainstream media’ concerning the dichotomy of truth and illusion caste pragmatic in the destruction as would be of hope; such the breast of Man pierced with sorrow which would poison the spring; or well upon which We as a majority all must draw upon occasion; context of ‘Pax Americana’ as a  misnomer , and here, apropos, reference must be made to the sublime irony of the inscription upon the statue of Liberty as goes:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless,
Tempest-tossed to me
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!


Of course the big question mark concerning same exists in the ‘stats'; much as concerns the need for supplemental nutrition, unemployment or underemployment, homelessness and impoverishment, incarceration as a tragedy of austerity which seen as ‘necessary’ – America become ‘hollowed out’ in the necessary transfer of resources under ‘Corporatism’ as the former ‘Comptroller’ Dov Zakheim could testify were he able and allowed?

Or indeed as to how long it took ‘R2P’ by way of ‘sorties’ flown and bombs dropped to  destroy a sovereignty of Nation (Libya) primarily by way of a currency imposed by way of a belief in usury?

Because make no mistake, usury is the war of illusion ephemeral concerning truth eternal as much as can express ‘against’ to cause of sufferance; and here the words of Mayer Amschel Rothchild must surely be taken into consideration:

‘Permit me to issue and control the currency of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws’?

Out of the mouths of babes in ‘arms’ indeed – and as expresses warfare upon Humanity as a parasitism necrotrophic by way of money for nothing – to point of  cruel confidence trick and a transition so degenerate as to be satanic in the suck upon sufferance so polymorphous as an ‘externalisation’ so carefully calculated in the angle as to be ‘oligarchic’?

For in same ‘maxim’ there an abomination – as of a covenant as an abrogation in the pathological demand ‘want it here and want it now’!; some supremacy of the subjugation of the ‘blood sweat and tears’ of honest toil to the necrotrophic by way of a hierarchy so bloody in its materiality as to epitomise sufferance inflicted upon the innocent; rationalised thru such Newspeak euphemisms as ‘r2p‘, ‘humanitarian intervention‘ and ‘collateral damage‘?

As part of a racketeering ongoing (á la Smedley Butler) which demands selective giving to cause of the acceptance of debt as a deadly illusion, and a rationing of available resources to a dark pragmatism which would be wielded, such the transcendence of illusion as would be silent and unrecognised – and seen as ‘necessary’ such the austerity so ironic become in the apperception?

Grace abounds to the chiefs of Globalization such sense as racket permitted – and Man has become so dominated by the lesser as to permit ‘Ecocide’ as an expression of his or her degeneration imposed as an ‘externalisation’?

For degenerates prevail ‘amongst us’, as would be over us, so the illusion goes when it comes to so many aspects of the responsibility we have?

‘Politics’  in ‘Oceania’ is as much a dirty word as ‘journalism’ and ‘line’ to the genuine obscenity of ‘Corporatism’  swallowed as followed in  the transcendence of an ‘Oligarchy’ which is moved by profit more than prophet, or hole rather than whole, by filth rather than purity?

The tragedy is that it takes but a few rotten apples to spoil barrels and that which we observe now, as a silent, suffering majority to the turn of screw upon such press is not so much the despoliation of an orchard as of the very ground upon which any orchard arises from; not so much a suicide as a fratricide, not so much a genocide as an ecocide in the mereness demanded as of being quietly obsequious in the going along with as demands a silent complicity proportionate the ‘benefit’ by way of material arrogation attained?

The tragedy: one of whoredom, it is of abrogation and assassination which to the lexicon of pragmatism is extended from individual to nation such the sovereignty abandoned?

That one does not bite the hand that feeds one is as a lesson learned, but the real question is as to which the hand that really feeds?

As opposed to claw and in context of ‘false witness’?

This small article laments the loss of dignity as reflected in most of the leaders of the so called ‘Western World’ – ‘Oceania’ has become the corrupted expression of an oligarchic collective much as Orwell envisioned with such prescience; at war with itself as much as with other geopoltikal power bloks such the ‘Realpolitik'; the loss so painful for so many, the ‘austerity’ so polymorphous. The degeneracy of so called ‘politicians’ as are no more than mere puppets more befitting of pity rather than scorn is but aspect of the tragic illusion; one could equally point out the other aspects of the systemic and machine like denouement of the status quo, all of which essentially entails the abrogation of humanity and the acceptance of a cowardly pragmatism in the necessary consumption of a  forced daily gruel of death rather than a willing eat of the bread of life; of a subsistence rather than an existence, and a darkness rather than a light?

In such externalisation a progressively smaller minority to ‘benefit’ and the lies to become more frequent in the demand of disparity which is the pathology itself, and the routes to ‘Room 101′ for the ‘conspiracy theorists’ to loom wider and more incorporative, much as the executioners block grows larger, such the Corporatism as a military industrial complex becomes  even more voracious?

Satanism prevails in such darkness, much as there exists, alas, unspeakable evils yet become more manifest to such ‘war’ wherein as much as falsehood is promoted, truth  denied? The dark heart of such Corporatism is theft of life, the transfer of resources so austere as to deny joy in replacement with glee, and the prototype for such ‘sovereignty’ of State is Israel as funded thru the control of ‘currency’ wherein there yet a kindness of apartheid in the spray of non lethal weaponry by drone, as opposed to the unleashing of hellfire missile?

For these are unacceptable questions in times of a universal deceit as would be, such the noose of the panopticon growing tighter as the line grows more demanding so proportionate the whispers growing more numerous, and the temptation towards treachery of denouncement as a corollary of the degeneration of ‘Law’ in relation to ‘Security of the Homeland’ as much as the sentiment ‘Blow it out your ass!’ become revolutionary as the embrace of Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or even something so simply confluent as ‘egalitarianism’?

Thus would die Democracy slow and painful?

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The methodology as a ‘modus operandi’ is to get ‘people’ as ‘Politicians’ who ‘do not give a fuck’ as much as they affirm one of the quotes above, into ‘power’. This is costly, but the calculations so Empirical, so pragmatic, look at the marginal revenues which nepotism as cents on the dollar represents as much as destruction of sovereignty to point of ‘Incorporation’ entails benefit for a parasitical and satanic minority? Libya is the exemplary case apropos. A mere population of six million or so sitting upon substantial oil reserves and demanding a disproportionate share of the exploitation thereof, with a leader having plans to spread same throughout Africa, as entailing a new currency no less? A leader who could not be bought over to joining the Oligarchy? Hence the demonization, hence the warfare declared by way of humanitarian intervention and the deployment of mercenary forces to ends of a more compliant leadership as externally imposed.

Hence the assassination.

Syria was to be Libya redux, but the Russians and the Chinese intervened? Payback with Russia is currently occurring in the Ukraine, and alignment with Japan looms in the face of China. Is there a case to be made that Gaddafi was as JFK- i.e. having ideas above station, most particularly concerning the permit to issue and control currency?

We, sense of Zamyatin, should not ask such questions?

For we should but listen and obey, as little men, sense of Reich, not so much of the Thousand Year as the New Century variety, such the illusion?

Kudos to Bunyan, title this small article, and acknowledgement The Talmud as an explication.