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Archives from July 2013
Crackdown on the Brotherhood
Paris. A military coup d’état recently took place in a country whose military is financed by the United States. Some dislike using the term “coup” in the Egyptian case, given the massive popular demonstrations calling for greater democracy and freed...
Liberal Imperialist Syndrome
London. Liberal Imperialism started to gain currency at the end of the nineteenth century. It brought with it the obvious economic benefits of building an empire with ready-made consumers and a base of raw materials needed for a country’s industrial goa...
The Wolf, the Lamb and the Third Party
Tel Aviv. WHEN YOU have a conflict between two parties, the way to solve it is clear: you put them in the same room, let them thrash out their differences and emerge with a reasonable solution acceptable to both. For example, a conflict between a wo...
My Weekend With Bernie (Goetz)
“That sounds like something Bernie would do. This is Bernie,” I’d said to Charles, years ago. He shook his head no. Before we met, Charles lived in NYC, where he got his PhD. That’s how he knew Bernie, both at NYU in the department of nuclear enginee...
Kerry Uses Arabs to Bully Palestinians
Bir Zeit, West Bank. A new tactic by US Secretary of State John Kerry is causing a split within the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) ranks regarding further talks with Israel. Kerry is apparently using the Arab League’s Follow-Up Committee on the ...
Two Faux Democracies That Threaten the World
Amitai Etzioni has raised an important question: “Who authorized preparations for war ...
Who Masterminded U.S. Pot Prohibition?
Harry Anslinger, the longtime Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, is widely considered the prime mover behind marijuana prohibition. But during ...
America’s Cup Squall
This was written a few weeks before a high tech catamaran capsized during a training run, killing Olympic gold medalist Andrew Simpson. An effort by the America’s Cup Yacht race organizers to torpedo an agreement guaranteeing prevailing wage standards for ...
You Selling to Me?
Last week you wanted to buy an air ticket. You looked at the price on the airline’s website, searched the net for a better deal, then returned to the airline website. You were surprised to find the price had increased. So you booked quickly, before it went up agai...
Beyond “Spitters and Haters”
The Vietnam War seems to be drawing attention increasingly from researchers born during or after the tumultuous decade in which that deadly drama played out.  One sees mostly this generation’s higher profile works, like Fredrik Logevall’s ...
Freedom and Spy Control
As millions take to the streets demanding political participation, social justice and freedom, opponents to change – governments and reactionary forces worldwide – centralise power, tighten control of civil society and the media and trample on democratic ideals. T...
Peace Talks: New Chapter, Old Book
New negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians may begin next week, with much talk of a “new chapter” in the seemingly intractable conflict. A new chapter, perhaps, but who is writing the book? Any public discussion about the “peace process” is tense, i...
Hemingway’s Legacy
“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.” —Ernest Hemingway Of all the celebrated male novelists inhabiting America’s literary pantheon, none of them (not Hawthorne or Twain or Steinbe...
In the Mad House
Our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter. – Lewis Strauss, Speech on atomic energy (1954) Albert Einstein once said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting ...
Will Syria Become Another Afghanistan?
Syria, once a land of pluralistic coexistence in the Arab world, is now irreparably fractured between competing factions. There isn’t a single group that can claim to speak for even a modest majority of Syrians. Syria itself has become a catchment for foreign jihadists ...
Venezuela: Supporting A Once and Future Revolution
Venezuela is at a critical moment in its Bolivarian revolution, dealing with serious economic issues due to its transitional economy that is under siege by local oligarchs. At the same time, President Nicolás Maduro’s decision to welcome Edward Snowden, if he opts for ...
Queer in Haiti
JJ. D.
I was born a masisi. I am an effeminate homosexual. My sexual orientation was given to me at birth. I did not choose to be who I am. But I am not going to be ashamed of my sexual and gender orientation either. Haiti has become a dangerous place to ...
RX for the Left
The belief that the political Left in the U.S. is in an extraordinarily anemic condition is a view shared by many. This opinion is exemplified by Jeffrey St. Clair’s recent essay on CounterPunch titled “...
What Obama Should Learn From the 1934 Waterfront Strike
Receive any emails about “organizing for change” or “taking action” recently from the Obama White House?  In the President’s mind the Americans are a people fallen into complacency, one that simply needs to be reminded to “get involved.”  In fact, he seems...
Launching the WikiLeaks Party
The opening crackled and sparkled in the old reading room of the Fitzroy Library in Melbourne, with Julian Assange beaming in via Skype at a time he has become use to – 3 in the morning. In a space where work and insomnia are firm friends, grabbing some shut-eye is ofte...
Walls Can Come Down
We want everything, everything, everything Other men aspire to. What another’s entitled to we’re entitled to too. – lyric excerpt of “Ev...
The NSA is the Spearhead for American Fascism
The House on July 24 defeated a motion to restrict, but not abandon, National Security Agency massive-surveillance activities, the Obama administration and Democratic leadership in the House in solid support of continuance, this despite the obvious totalitarian implicatio...
A Tale of Two Pols
New York municipal elections are normally pretty rollicking affairs, often pitting charismatic foes in bare-knuckles showdowns for real power and influence. This year’s electoral primaries offer something quite novel. They feature three career politicians, Anthony Weine...
Science, Aesthetics, and Spreading Knowledge for Social Transformation
A recent spat between Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek brings up a really promising question, one brought up by Andre Vltchek not so long ago in these pages and again in a roundabout way by Adam Engel and Curtis White. What is the place of aesthetics in propelling people to ...
Monsanto Seeks to Control World’s Food
The ultimate monopoly would be control of the world’s food supply. Although not the only multi-national corporation attempting to achieve the ability to dictate what you eat, Monsanto Company appears the most determined. Already infamous for toxic chemicals such ...