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Archives from March 2012
Evidence Homeland Security Coordinated Occupy Crackdown
If you want to know where the real government of the United States is located, just check out one of the documents...
America’s Obsession With Israel and Iran
The United States is obsessed with Iran and Israel.  It’s not just the Administration in Washington that enjoys this weird fixation, because many Americans, including all Republican presidential candidates, agree with Israel that Iran is an enemy and must be dealt wit...
“Stability” Trumps Democracy in Egypt
Confronted with popular protest, the country’s unelected rulers have doubled down on repression, jailing peaceful activists and killing dozens of civilians who have the gall to exercise their rights. Those who state security forces haven’t killed for demanding...
On to the Next War!
Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) want war with Iran and refuse to learn lessons from the futile wars this country has perpetrated since US troops landed in Korea in 1950. They begin with “facts not in evidence,” as lawyers say. “The pro...
Rebellious Spring, Murderous Winter
The last twenty or so months have certainly been months of insurrection.  This is perhaps no truer anywhere on earth than in the Middle East and northern Africa.  Indeed, there is even a phrase describing this fact.  That phrase is “the Arab Spring.”  Exactly what...
Karen Coulter and the Power of Grassroots Activism
Grassroots biodiversity protection groups are the unsung heroes of the segment of the environmental movement devoted to defending wildlife and wild places. One excellent example is the ...
The Neoliberal Hoax
Neoliberalism is the most powerful force in economic history; like a black hole in deep outer space, it consumes everything. The great prophets of neoliberal economic policies like Milton Friedman claim economic freedom is a necessary condition for political freedo...
Won’t You Still Please Come to Chicago?
Vetoed by the recent White House announcement that the 2012 G8 meetings had been moved to Camp David, the original and provocative idea of combining the G8 and the NATO summits in Chicago this May belonged to the city’s authoritarian, militaristic, and left-loathing cor...
The Ambassador of Vitriol
Beirut  One fellow who works at the Beirut US Embassy tells the story of how, each year around the time of the vernal equinox, since 2005 when Jeffrey Feltman became the American Ambassador (given Jeff’s domination of US Middle East Policy, he ...
The Food, the Bad and the Ugly
Mumbai The government of India’s economic survey presented to parliament in the ongoing session shows a truly dismal foodgrain availability situation. Every year for the past seven, the country’s agriculture minister Sharad Pawar (also the boss...
They Hate Us for Our (Reproductive) Freedom
The barrage of late, regarding reproductive legislation shouldn’t be viewed as an assault only on women, but an attempt to curtail and contain the entire population, men included. It’s a broad, scorched earth policy that won’t end with this patchwork of ...
UC Berkeley and Its Lawful Business
We are graduate students and teachers at UC Berkeley.  Like thousands of other people here at Berkeley, we have participated in rallies and demonstrations and marches against the privatization of the University of California. In early March of this year, however, we each...
Vermont Yankee, State Rights and the Future of Nuclear Power
If the decision by Federal District Court Judge Garvan Murtha in the recent Entergy Nuclear case surviv...
Jersey Shore Meets a Fighting Teamster
Boston From Jersey Shore to the short-lived All American Muslim to the much glitzier Shahs of Sunset, there seems to be no ethnic community left untouched by the national carny show known as “Reality TV.” Alwa...
Their Pope Dead, Egypt’s Copts Fear Worse Times
Cairo The death of Pope Shenouda, who led Egypt’s Coptic Christian Church for  40 years, has increased fears among Copts that they will face persecution  and discrimination as Islamic parties become more powerful. Hundreds of thousands of mourn...
Marching Against the Madness of Nuclear Energy
An affinity group of eight anti-nuclear activists with the New England-based Safe And Green Energ...
Labor, the Environment and the Occupy Movement
For many of us that have been involved with the Occupy movement from its onset, we find it questionable that the UAW is attempting to co-opt the movements language. The leadership of much of organized labor has proven to be almost completely out of touch with the O...
Bradley Manning for Congress
When the Irish patriot, Bobby Sands, began his hunger strike for recognition of political prisoners on March 1, 1981, no one could have predicted that six weeks into his fast he would become an elected member of the British Parliament.  After all, he was a prisoner in th...
Partners in the Freedom Struggle
“The lack of historical consensus regarding John Brown,” asserted longtime labor, racial justice, and international activist Bill Fletcher, “speaks to the ideological confusions we continue to face.” Fletcher — a columnist for Black Commentator, Senior Sch...
Helping Toads Cross the Road to Make Whoopee
For the past two years I’ve been a volunteer for the Roxborough, Pennsylvania Toad DETOUR (Defending Emerging Toads of Upper Roxborough). It’s not the thousands of migrating amphibians who are being detoured, however, it’s that non-native rumbling beast, the car....
On World Water Day Obama Approves Aquifer-Destroying Pipeline
After rejecting the controversial Keystone XL pipeline proposal in January, President Barack Obama yesterday announced his plan to fast- track the construction of the pipeline’s southern end at a speech in Cushing, Oklahoma. As Native American activists...
Occupy World Street!
Ross Jackson is an interesting guy who has just published a very interesting and timely book entitled ...
Page-Turners, by Land and by Sea
Far as I can tell, none of Audrey Schulman’s earlier novels has anything to do with Africa, which is amazing given the depth of feeling and understanding, the sensitivity, for the continent expressed in ...
Bach’s Incredible Feet
On Wednesday J. S. Bach’s  birthday rolled around for the 327th  time. He’s been dead, though not so comfortably, for 262 of those anniversaries. His bones have been moved twice and subjected to various moldings and manipulations. His skeleton (see image)...
Three by KJ
groundbreaking by KJ the paradox of bodies is she should rise when i am ready to get down on my knees in a retrograde motion of stars flipping over its not so much that i don’t know...