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Archives from September 2010
Where’s Ed Newman When You Need Him?
I was in London last week when news came of the death of the great NBC newsman Edwin Newman, 91 years old. Turns out he and his wife had been living in England since 2007 to be close to their daughter, but I suspect part of him chose to be there for the same reason the la...
New Orleans After the Press Went Home
It’s been a little over five years that Hurricane Katrina unwittingly conspired with certain corporations, the US and various Louisiana government agencies to change the face of the city of New Orleans forever.  The pictures of death and destruction and the sen...
The Bi-Partisan Attack on Public Workers
States everywhere across the United States are facing the common enemy of extreme budget deficits. Many states have deficits in the multi-billion dollar realm, as the budget crises dominate the debates for the upcoming gubernatorial elections. In these debates, Republican...
Rejecting Paris
Paris Hilton was rejected from entering Japan yesterday because of their immigration laws that allow the country to deny entry based on drug convictions. She was detained at Narita International Airport, outside of Tokyo, two days after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor dr...
When Machines Kill
What does it mean for a machine to "decide" to kill someone? I’m in Berlin, attending an interdisciplinary expert workshop on robotic weapons, where this question has come up. My job was to brief the participants about international l...
Locking Up Activists
A vague security offence of “contact with a foreign agent” is being used by Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, to lock up Arab political activists in Israel without evidence that a crime has been committed, human rights lawyers alleged this week. ...
The Myth That Kills
If you’re like me, you can barely make it through a David Brooks column. Should you arrive at the bitter end, your face is screwed up–like you were sucking lemons or whiffing a fetid odor–in a painful mix of disbelief, consternation, and sadness at the w...
Switzerland and the Criminal Mind
Some news outlets found it surprising and out of character.  But the Swiss government has gone so far as to apologize to thousands of innocent men and women locked up in Switzerland between 1942 and 1981.  The young women held at the Hindelbank prison in the can...
The Next Mexican Revolution
Mexico City As the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution steams into sight, U.S. and Mexican security agencies are closely monitoring this distant neighbor nation for red lights that could signal renewed rebellion. The most treach...
Fallout From the Mesherle Verdict
Approximately seventeen people have been charged over the past three weeks with crimes related to the protests against former BART cop Johannes Mehserle’s involuntary manslaughter verdict on July 8th. Some of those recently charged were arrested that night, while ot...
Condemned by Their Silence
There are literally millions of people across the world who are now involved in the intriguing case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui and they fall in to several categories. The first is a huge army of ordinary people of faith and no faith who represent many different nationali...
Democracy in Arab Eyes
On International Democracy Day last week, satellite TV channels across our region focused on the type of democracy imported, together with details of the bloodbaths, disasters, wars and American invasions driven by hatred for Muslims.  Democracy was invoked as an ide...
The Real Problems With Wind Energy
Last month, I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal that has caused some discomfort among various advocates of wind energy.[1] Given that discomfort, it’s worth revisiting the thesis of my Journal piece. It was: several studies have conc...
The Terrible Tale of TARP
Two years ago, the top honchos at the Fed, Treasury and the Wall Street banks were running around like Chicken Little warning that the world was about to end. This fear mongering, together with a big assist from the elite media (i.e. NPR, the Washington Post, the Wall Str...
Keeping It "In the Family"
There was much to be learned last week from the feisty Michigan mom who let no dust gather under her feet before pouncing on the sexually suggestive cheer her six-year old daughter was expected to perform on a Madison Heights sports field.  Equally illuminating was t...
The Persecution of Pfc. Bardley Manning
Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is accused of leaking military secrets to the public.  This week, his supporters are holding rallies in 21 cities, seeking Manning’s release from military custody. Manning is in the brig for allegedly disclosing a classified video depi...
Scoundrel Time at Kaiser
San Francisco The stereotypical union battles of the past were fought by burly working-class heroes, on the picket-line and the proverbial “shop floor.” Think of tough-looking guys, wearing scally caps (and wielding baseball...
The Scandal That Wasn’t
Okay, I admit it. Everybody’s got a weakness. For some, it’s Godiva chocolates. For me, it’s Jimmy Carter. How can one not like a man who says things like "Usually a president’s image is enhanced by going to war. That didn’t appeal to me...
New Tests Show Key Witnesses Lied at Abu Jamal Trial
During the contentious 1982 murder trial of Philadelphia radio-journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, a central argument of the prosecution in making its case for the conviction and for imposition of a death penalty was the trial testimony of two ke...
Where is the World Economy Headed?
Last Thursday MICHAEL HUDSON addressed the Council of Economic Advisors to the President of Brazil (CDES) . He offered an unsparing description of how the global economy is being shaped and exploited by Northern bankers. Then he outlined the w...
A Better Way to Measure Poverty
The newly released poverty statistics paint a grim picture. Last year 43.6 million Americans — more than 14 percent — had income below the federal poverty line. But those numbers only give a partial picture of the problem. That’s be...
Safer at Most Speeds
Let’s celebrate some good news, before some qualifications are considered. Traffic fatalities in the U.S.A have dropped to a 60 year low. There were 33,808 deaths in 2009—a 9.7 percent decline from the previous year, according to the National Highway Traffic S...
Martin Peretz in Love
Martin Peretz is editor-in-chief of The New Republic. He acquired that position by simply buying the magazine in 1974. Although he resold it to a group of investors in 2002, they were, and apparently remain, his ideological soul mates for he continues to this day to be th...
Bait-and-Switch in Afghanistan
In interviews in recent weeks, Gen. David Petraeus has been taking a line on what will happen in mid-2011 that challenges President Barack Obama’s intention to begin a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by that date. This new Petraeus line is the culmination of a bra...
The Banks and Their Protectors
Remember The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?   The wannabee enchanter sets a spell to get his broom to carry water to the magician’s workshop, but his skills don’t extend to stopping the process.   By the time the boss gets back, the place is ...