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Archives from September 2010
Going Mad in Delhi
Everyone has an opinion on it, and few seem to be positive. But the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi is on life support and there are many happy to turn off the switch.  In the face of this, New Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has specialised in the understatement.  ...
Anything Can Happen
Eleven years ago, Christine O’Donnell, now Delaware’s Republican US Senate hopeful, admitted to Bill Maher that she “dabbled into witchcraft.” Yes, it’s weird. But so what? Here’s Frank Sinatra’s take on the ...
The Structural Readjustment of Detroit
“We inherited a hell hole.” – Mayor Dave Bing Between September 14 and 22, 2010, Detroit experienced five extraordinary, well-attended public meetings on the subject of land use and related public policy issues. ...
Money, Inc.
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until th...
The FDA and Frankenfoods
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent enforcement letters warning food makers that they cannot label their products as free of genetically modified or genetically engineered ingredients. The letters were sent as a heated debate is taki...
Six Million Pakistanis Have Lost Everything
Rajanpur Ali Sher Khan stands precariously on a piece of broken road that once led to the land where he lived before it was torn apart by the flood. The road has been replaced by a deep lake. Mr Khan, a clan leader in Rajanpur District in south Punj...
Zionist Dialectics
“My God! Is this the end? Is this the goal for which our fathers have striven and for whose sake all generations have suffered? Is this the dream of a return to Zion which our people have dreamt for centuries: that we now come to Zion to sta...
Masturbating on the Edge of the Apocalypse
It’s the merry laugh on the lip of the abyss.  Christine O’Donnell, senatorial candidate with her “no hand jobs” program has cast an unfamiliar ray of sunshine over the surreal landscape of American politics.  In ter...
Being Black and "Difficult" in Hollywood
I interviewed Lou Gossett, Jr. in his lovely Malibu home on June 25, 2010. His talk ranged over a number of topics. After a distinguished career as a stage and screen actor and Oscar winner, the segregationists who run Hollywood will not cast him in the roles that meet hi...
Cheap Date
The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) held a public hearing on July 13th about the merger of Comcast-NBC Universal at Northwestern University’s Chicago campus. It might turn out to be the only public hearing that the FCC holds on this all-important mer...
Are Government Workers Overpaid?
The neoliberal turn in American politics is about to get more vicious.  Our corporate dominated media and political system is now turning its attention to the last area of the economy traditionally characterized by some modicum of worker security: the pub...
The Handwriting is on the Wall
In the biblical story of Daniel, the Babylonian emperor Balshazzar, engaged in drunken revelry with his courtiers using goblets plundered during the conquest of Jerusalem, drinking toasts to the gods of gold and silver, is startled to see a hand appear on ...
Another Feeble-Headed Nuke Drops Dead
As the “reactor renaissance” desperately demands new billions from a lame duck Congress, one of its shining stars has dropped dead. Other much-hyped “new generation” plans may soon die with it. For years “expert” r...
Higher Consciousness Won’t Save Us
Autumn 2010 is a time of disillusionment for many who deplore the USA’s current political trajectory. Some who’ve been active for progressive causes are now gravitating toward hope that individual actions — in tandem with higher consciousness, more down-...
True Majority and Pepsi
True Majority ought to change its name. Try: The Pepsi Generation. True Majority is the Ben & Jerry’s creation that has become a Democratic Party front group run by USAction. And True Majority has...
Global Warming, Killer Bears?
Today’s grizzly bears of Yellowstone are staring down the greatest threat to their survival since the park was founded in 1872. The most important bear food in this ecosystem, the nuts of whitebark pine trees, has succumbed to an infestation of mountain pine beetles...
The End of Combat My Eye
The press made a big deal of it. The president even starred in an Oval Office TV show about the “end to U.S. combat” in Iraq, which was announced on August 31. Mr. Obama said he’d fulfilled a promise to end the war. Obama’s bi...
Repression’s Reward in Honduras?
Why is the U.S. still supporting a repressive regime in Honduras? While Secretary of State Clinton continues to insist that democracy is marching forward in Honduras, President Porfirio Lobo’s ongoing coup government has been escalating its violent attacks against p...
The Curious Case of Latino Republicans
In light of the GOP’s nasty attacks against Latino immigrants, how can any rational Latino vote Republican during the upcoming November 2nd elections?  Worse yet, how can any Latino be a member of a political party whose national platform centers on blaming bro...
Animal Experimentation Funny?
Animal researchers usually try to display some respect for the animals they experiment on. They may do things they don’t want you to know about to animals and install elaborate security measures just to be sure, but they usually say they honor the animal’s sac...
The Rightwing Upsurge in the U.S.
Is America in the grip of a right-wing backlash that will hit the November elections like a hurricane? This narrative is gathering steam. It is fed not only by the minority partisan right-wing media but also its majority “liberal” counterpart, which loves a ho...
Return to Iberville
George W. Bush’s bulldozing of 5,000 badly needed and little damaged public housing apartments in post-Katrina New Orleans was one of the cruelest measures he imposed on the city’s poor and working class Katrina-survivors. Yet even Bush, and his henchman, Hous...
Managed Misconceptions
Labeling something as a misconception assumes a burden of proof. The acceptance of the proof that something is indeed a misconception is dependent on the number of people desiring the proof. This is not always apparent. For example, one may hold a belief that nobo...
Why the Swedish Left Lost
In the parliamentary elections held on September 19th, the Red-Green Alliance comprised of the Social Democrats, Green and Left parties lost out to the conservative alliance led by the Moderate Party. The Moderates were a few parliamentary seats shy of an election majorit...
The Real Merchants of Death
Accused Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout is a centerpiece for the book “Merchant of Death&rdqu...