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Archives from June 2010
Is Petraeus McChrystal’s Replacement or Obama’s?
Our petulant president’s ego can’t handle a general letting off steam. Neither can any of the spoiled children who comprise “our” government in DC, the capital of the “superpower.” Generals h...
Economic War on the "Lesser People"
Were the objective of Pete Peterson’s $1 billion campaign to gut Social Security any less odious, it would easy to admire it as a marvel of public opinion engineering, a true masterpiece in the manufacture of consent. A bi...
The Sociopathic General
Following the tidal wave of media buzz over General Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone, you quickly notice the story succumbing to the gravity of our media-circus culture, to the point it has become a story about celebrity and score keeping. ...
Militarizing the Gulf Oil Crisis
In the Gulf, the forever spill has become the forever war. A calamity of untold magnitude is unfolding and, alongside it, a strange militarization has emerged, as the language for managing the crisis becomes the language of war. ...
Time for a Second Stimulus
Alan Greenspan has joined the ranks of the deficit hawks and is calling for austerity measures to reduce government spending. In an op-ed in last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal titled "U.S. Debt and the Greece Analogy", Maestro Greensp...
President Obama, What Would Your Mother Say?
President Obama turned his back on Indonesia recently — canceling his visit there for the second time this year. His mother, Ann Soetoro, was a cultural anthropologist who spent much of her adult life helping economically-marginalized people of ...
Workers and Players
"France’s dishonor is complete,” said one newspaper headline. A thousand other headlines across France and the world said something similar. So why do I, as an Irish fan carrying seven months of ill-will toward the French for the way ...
The Oil Industry’s Go-To Judge Comes Through
As the BP well in the Gulf of Mexico continues to spew out ever more toxic oil and methane into the sea, floating toxic sludge, by the millions of gallons, starts destroying the wetlands across the American Southeast, the dead hand of President Ronald...
A Grand Day for Monarchism
It is official: Sweden is in love. At least with its Crown Princess and with the monarchy. Last Saturday, June 19, Crown Princess Victoria married her former gym teacher Daniel Westling, a young man of what would long ago have b...
The Obama-McChyrstal Showdown
The fate of the top United States military commander and the chief architect of American policy in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is in the balance. General McChrystal has been summoned to explain to President Obama on Wednesday (June 23) a ...
Witnessing Against Torture: Why We Must Act
Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. U.S. Constitution Am...
The McChrystal Shield
What better way to insulate the White House, the Defense Department, and the State Department from the glare of media scrutiny than by publication of a scathing profile the leading general in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal? Cl...
Protesting Israel at the Oakland Docks
Long before 5:30 a.m. on June 20 about 800 protesters traveled the mile from West Oakland’s BART station, near San Francisco, to Berth 57 of the Oakland docks. The early risers were determined to block the gates and discourage longshoremen from ...
Did the CIA Conduct Medical Experiments on Detainees?
As time goes by, the record of the Bush administration gets worse and worse. It could turn out that the most egregious offense of the Bush-esque Obama administration will be that its Justice Department let Bush-Cheney & Co. off scot-free. ...
Turkey, the US and Empire’s Twilight
When U.S. forces found themselves beset by a growing insurgency in Iraq following their lighting overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the most obvious parallel that came to mind was Vietnam: an occupying army, far from home, besieged by a shadowy foe. But Pat...
A Biologist With Courage and Vision
Rosalind passed away on Sunday June 6, following a valiant 5-year battle with breast cancer. To the end, she kept hoping for a miracle; in the end, it was she who was the miracle. Rosalind first came to Boulder in 1975 for a post-doctor...
Lethal Force on the Border
Sergio Hernandez Guereca’s short life revolved around the U.S.-Mexico border that ultimately led to his death. On June 7, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a U.S. Border Patrol agent shot the 15-year-old Hernandez in the face in Mexican territory betw...
The Social Security Fixation
The deficit hawks have been pushing the line in recent months that we have to make cuts in Social Security, along with some revenue increases, in order to reassure the bond markets about the creditworthiness of the U.S. government. According to this a...
Capito, Cash and Capitulation
Here we are in small town, West Virginia. Berkeley Springs, Morgan County, West Virginia, to be exact. Where our member of Congress — Shelley Moore Capito (R) — comes to see us maybe twice a ye...
Iran, BP and the CIA
The offshore oil drilling catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico brought to us by BP has overshadowed its central role over the past century in fostering some other disastrous events. BP originated in 1908 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Co...
Why Money Doesn’t Make the World Go Round
The global financial crisis that began in 2007 was clearly about money, credit and finance. For mainstream economists and politicians, from neoliberals like John B. Taylor at Stanford, and Tony Abbott, through pragmatists like Barack Obama and Austral...
When Force Doesn’t Work
NIGHT. UTTER darkness. Heavy rain. Visibility close to nil. And suddenly – a flash of lightning. For a fraction of a second, the landscape is lit up.  For this split second, the terrain surrounding us can be seen. It ...
Why You Should Care About the University of Miami NIH Scandal
Some say the incident in which the director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) assured the University of Miami’s medical school dean if he hired Charles Nemeroff, MD the disgraced researcher, Nemeroff could still pull in governmen...
Why the Oil Spill Will Change Nothing
As is typical with U.S. politicians and media, an extremely serious topic has nearly been reduced to absurdity. Once the urgency of the Gulf oil eruption has been fully sterilized, the stage will be set for business as usual politics — with the ...
An Israel Beyond Zionism?
Jeremy Milgram is a member of “Rabbis for Human Rights” and a participant in the inter-religious dialogue in Israel. He lives in Jerusalem. LUDWIG WATZAL: What do you think of Israel´s handeling of the Gazean ...