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Archives from September 2007
Claudia Jensen (Look Back in Anger)
"I am a 49-year-old mother of two teenage daughters," is how Claudia Jensen described herself to a Congressional subcommittee in April 2004, "and a physician educated at the University of Arkansas for both undergraduate and medical schools. I studie...
Land Tenure and Resistance in New Mexico
Land tenure is primarily a legal concept, a mode of holding and occupying land.1 This study is a socioeconomic interpretation of the history of New Mexico focusing on land-tenure patterns and changes. Legal aspects, insofar as they influenced or changed socioecono...
The Injustice in Jena
The stench surrounding the office of Louisiana’s LaSalle Parish prosecutor Reed Walters, for his discriminatory decisions in the Jena 6 case, is about to become more malodorous activists announced during recent anti-Walters protests across America. Ac...
Support Our Mercenaries
The NY Times played the Blackwater story 9/20 at the bottom of page one under a deceitful headline: "Armed Guards In Iraq Occupy A Legal Limbo." It should have read "Mercenaries In Iraq Operate Outside the Law." A "legal limbo" implie...
Why Do They All Hate America?
Many years ago there was a song called "Why do we all love Australia" which was a bit of a spoof although funny and to the point. The main thing was that it was ironic and encouraged people to laugh at themselves, which does us all good from time to time...
It Ain’t Easy Being Green
There’s an old cliche that the most popular college football team in the United States is whoever plays Notre Dame. Like the Yankees of New York and the Blue Devils of Duke, fans of the Fighting Irish believe winning is their birthright. Some program...
Voices in Defense of Bolivia
Federico Fuentes, Kiraz Janicke, John Percy, Adrian Fuentes, Et. Al.
The democratically elected government of Bolivia’s first indigenous president Evo Morales Ayma, which is heading a process of democratic change, is Washington’s immediate target in Latin America today. Bolivia is in Washingt...
What the Sale of the Carlyle Group Tells Us About the Collapse of the Housing Market
Would someone from Dubai or China please come to Miami and buy my home? This seems a reasonable plea, given this morning’s news that the big private equity firm, (in which President George HW Bush made his fortune after leaving the White House)-the Ca...
Where Justice Seems Very Far Away
The summer break is officially over in Lebanon. At about 5pm yesterday, a roughly 40 kg bomb placed in a Mercedes was detonated in a bustling part of Sin el-Fil district of Beirut. The immediate target was member of Parliament (MP) Antoine Ghanim of the right-wing...
The Demise of the Congressional Black Caucus
Something is terribly wrong with the Congressional Black Caucus. There has been for decades. For starters the pro-black organization doesn’t represent the majority of black people in the Untied States. As a matter of fact, one could rightly argue that the Bl...
Ex-Dems, Sign Up Here
I just launched, which I’m billing as an organizing tool for democrats who have left the Democratic party behind...
The Streets of San Francisco
On January 6, 2007, two days after Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, about 1,000 activists laid down on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to spell out the word "IMPEACH!" in 100-foot letters. Photos of the clear message to...
The Zionist Question
In recent times, no nationalist project has been so completely mythologized by its partisans as Zionism. In the construction of nearly all aspects of its history, the official Zionist narrative is often at variance–even complete variance–with the facts...
Mass Failure
In 1966–just before Medicare and Medicaid were launched–47 million Americans were uninsured. By 1975, the United States had reached an all time low of 21 million without coverage. Now, according to the C...
Money, It’s a Gas
Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. Roger Waters, The Dark Side of the Moon Lending and borrowing are as ordinary as giving and receiving. They all help to maintain the social bond b...
An Endless Occupation?
The "Korea Model" is not a new model of Kia or Hyundai. It is President Bush’s rationale for extending the U.S. occupation of Iraq from four years to four decades–or even more. As reported on CNN and the New York Times, South Korea is Bush...
Whatever Happened to Palestine?
A group of anti-war leaders held a conference call at the end of August under the sponsorship of Michael Lerner’s Network of Spiritual Progressives to do some long-term strategic planning for the anti-war movement. The discussants included leaders of the cou...
As the Empire Slips
Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s memoir has put him in the news these last few days. He has upset Republicans with his comments on various presidents, with George W. Bush getting the brickbats and Clinton the praise, and by saying that Bush’s invas...
Jim Crow’s Children
Did you hear the good news on "The Jena 6"? The adult conviction and potential 22 year sentence of Mychal Bell has been overturned. This comes less than one week before widespread protests scheduled for this Thursday in Jena, Louisiana. Since this case a...
Carbon-Free and Still Wrecking the Planet
From the day the prospect of rapid climate change became an officially recognized crisis, it has attracted multitudes of proposed "solutions" that mostly substitute snake oil for crude oil. Now comes a new, better-than-average proposal, ...
Bush’s Worrisome Use of Religion
The news reports* that Bush spends time with Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Malaki discussing their shared faith in God, is not good news. It seems that Bush is an easy mark for anyone who professes a belief in God. When Putin revealed the cross ...
Body-Snatched Nation
As scary as it is to watch someone electrocuted for speaking his mind, the most horrifying parts of the Andrew Meyer incident at the University of Florida are the things happening on the periphery. (The video can be seen here: ...
AARP to Kucinich: Drop Dead
AARP President Bill Novelli is a company man. No, the company is not AARP. Novelli doesn’t give a damn about AARP or its 38 million members. If he did, he wouldn’t be selling down them down river by opposing a single payer system t...
Why Did Senator John Kerry Stand Idly By?
Naïve Americans who think they live in a free society should watch the video filmed by students at a John Kerry speech September 17, Constitution Day, at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  At the conclusion of Kerry’s speech, Andrew Meyer, ...
Schwarzenegger’s Boondoggle
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office today issued a press release for the $9 billion water bond boondoggle he is trying to ramrod through the California Legislature. For those us of us concerned about the alarming collapse of the Sacramento-San Joaquin De...