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Archives from March 2006
On the Proper Way to Address a Bible-Waving Republican State Senator from Maryland
CounterPunch News Service
On Wednesday, March 1, 2006, at the Maryland state legislature, during a hearing in Annapolis on the proposed Constitutional Amendment to prohibit gay marriage, Jamie Raskin, professor of law at American University, was requested to testify. At the end of h...
Contract Casino
The Pentagon isn’t alone in handing out plump no-bid contracts to politically wired corporations. The new Department of Homeland Security, a collage of 22 sub-agencies sprawling across the federal bureaucracy, is sluicing billions into the coffers of a few f...
Woodward’s Plame-Leak Deep Throat
He is referred to as "official one" and he is the mysterious senior Bush administration official who unmasked the identity of an undercover CIA operative to Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Bob Woodward in mid-June 2003 and conservative columnist Robert N...
"If You’re an Iraqi, Why Do You Live Here?"
Oftentimes the most complex circumstances catch you by surprise, leaving you in a myriad of thoughts with a feeling of utter perplexity. Frail are the human mind and spirit, unable to surrender themselves to the reality of pain and suffering, giving way to such no...
Americans Don’t Live Here Anymore
Imagine knocking on America’s door and being told, "Americans don’t live here any longer. They have gone away." But isn’t that what we are hearing, that Americans have gone away? Alan Shore told us so on ABC’s Boston Legal ...
Brown Skin, Yellow Star
As I write, the US Senate is debating legislation that would make migrant peoples a felonized, legally scapegoated racial and cultural under-caste, a move with deeply dangerous implications for us all. Maybe it wasn’t such a lie, what the German peopl...
The Cuban Punching Bag
The Committee to Protect Journalists, located in New York, calls itself "An Independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending press freedom worldwide". In December it issued a report that said that "China, Cuba, Eritrea, and Ethiopia are th...
The Iranian Nuclear Showdown
Former CIA analyst (Author’s note: As a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, an organization of former US intellligence officers from the CIA, DIA, Department of State and Department of Defense, I took part in 2002 in the...
Killer Lies from Cheney’s Harlot
Some time ago, I ceased reading Christopher Hitchens’s output, for the very simple reason that he’s full of shit and in violent denial about it. The man has become so infantile and ridiculous that I saw no serious point in following anything else he sa...
US Troops Shooting Any Iraqi Who Moves
Arbil, Iraq. The US military is investigating two incidents in which American soldiers killed at least 26 Iraqi civilians and then claimed that they were either guerrillas or had died in cross fire. The growing evidence of retaliatory killings of una...
The Jericho Prison Raid
Could it be possible that the Israeli army raid on a Jericho prison on March 14 was done without careful coordination between Israel, the United States and Britain? Could it also be possible that the timing of the onslaught was equally innocent, of no political co...
Lipstick on the Pig
The Congressional Research Service has produced a new report on "earmarks" in appropriations bills. Otherwise known as "pork," defense appropriations earmarks continue to climb in both number and cost. Congress’ self-appointed "pork ...
When Black Cops Go Bad
There is tragedy and irony in the nationally aired videotaped shooting of Air Force policeman Elio Carrion in an area east of Los Angeles and the subsequent indictment of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy Ivory Webb, Jr. The tragedy is that the shooting...
Death Squad Democracy
"As successive imperialist powers have shown, the bottom line in combating the hopes and dreams of ordinary people is to resort to spreading terror through the application of extreme violence." "For Iraq, the ‘Salvador Opt...
Bush’s Delusional Speech
In Cleveland yesterday Bush gave a delusional speech that shows he is detached from reality. "We’re going to help the Iraqis build a strong democracy that will be an inspiration throughout the Middle East, a democracy that’ll be a partner in the g...
The Conservative Push for the Right Student
The news of right-wing assaults on higher education keeps coming: The state of Pennsylvania has a congressional board set up to investigate cases of bias in the classroom, the State University of New York System’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to allow...
Cold Warrior in a Strange Land
As he and his wife Sheila drive me through downtown San Diego in the glare of mid-day, he suddenly exclaims, "Look at that structure!" I glance over and just across the blue expanse of the harbor is an enormous aircraft carrier. "It’s the U.S....
To the Guy Who Called Me a Traitor
I haven’t heard from you for a while. Three years ago you called me a "traitor", just before the invasion of Iraq. You also wrote, "Your voice against our elected government is a voice against its people, a voice against this nation."...
Starve the Palestinians
On the third anniversary of America’s invasion of Iraq broadcast in full shock and awe to the world via green TV screens that all might see the night devastation of the city, another invasion was underway in Gaza, a silent invasion of human rights that, in i...
The Power of Saying No
As the new Hamas government is sworn into power in the Palestinian Authority, we might ask: What would bring a people, the most secular of Arab populations with little history of religious fundamentalism, to vote Hamas? Mere protest at Fatah ineffectualness in neg...
Unhappy St. Patrick’s Day
Dublin. While the Democratic Party has given the global Left little reason to believe it would make significant changes if it were to take power in Bushland, there is at least one European ‘republican’ who cannot wait for the big-R Republicans t...
Why are We Here?
On Saturday, during her national radio response to the president, Senator Dianne Feinstein accused the Bush administration of "incompetence" in the Iraq war. What would be a competent way to pursue the war in Iraq? How would you drop huge bombs on...
DNC No Foe of Impeachment Drive
I got an personal email from Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean today. On a Sunday morning, the DNC chief wrote me to take issue with what I wrote on March 7 in this space. I said that pressure from Democratic party...
License to Lie
The Zogby poll which shows that 85% of American soldiers in Iraq believe Saddam was part of the 9/11 attacks startles. The general public in the US knows that isn’t so. In the movie Wag the Dog the DeNiro political character says ‘what do people rememb...
A Collapsing Presidency
The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center finds that President Bush’s support among the American people has fallen to 33%. Even more devastatingly, the survey finds that people’s most frequently used one-word description of President Bush i...