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Archives from October 2005
Venezuela’s National Workers’ Union
The revolutionary process which started in Venezuela following the election of President Hugo Chavez in 1998 has had a profound impact on the labor front. For 40 years the historically dominant Confederation of Venezuelan Workers (CTV) had an undemocratic structur...
Whose Justice Does Saddam’s Trial Serve?
In a quiet neighborhood of the Tajrish district of Tehran, on the foothills of the Alborz Mountains, a green thirty-thousand-square-feet sanatorium hosts hundreds of veterans of the Iran-Iraq war who still suffer from their war wounds. The majority of these vetera...
What the "War on Terror" is Really About
With support for the Iraq war collapsing ahead of the U.S.-imposed constitutional referendum this month, George W. Bush resorted to his old trick of trying to tie the U.S. occupation to the September 11 attacks and the "war on terror." "The t...
CSI: Iraq
The disappearance of Laci. The discovery of Laci and Connor’s bodies. The trial of Scott Peterson. The disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The murder of Pamela Vitale. Yes, these American tragedies are worthy of the diligence of writers like Theodore Dreiser ...
When Divas Collide: Maureen Dowd v. Judy Miller
Would you pay $49.95 to watch women wrestling in mud? I did this morning, and it was well worth the expense. I get the New York Times Online and until a couple of weeks ago all the features were free. Then, as some of you have no doubt discovered, the NYT’s ...
Murder of Defense Lawyer Puts Saddam’s Trial at Risks
in Baghdad Gunmen have killed the lawyer of one of the co-defendants of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad after abducting him from his office. The murder will make it more difficult to conduct a fair trial of the former dictator because officials working for t...
Two Decades of Aftershocks from 1985 Quake
Twenty years ago, on September 19th 1985, an 8.0 earthquake struck Mexico City. Over 20,000 people died that day, or in the aftershock the following day. A nation mourned, surrounded by a devastation unimagined in the complacency of urban daily life. But as in the...
China Bashing and the Loss of US Competitiveness
The most striking aspect of the US (and European) trade conflict with China is Washington’s systematic rejection of the free market and its resort to heavy-handed dependence on state intervention. Equally astonishing, supposedly orthodox free market economis...
Richard Pombo: Tom DeLay in Cowboy Boots
Cattle rancher, dairy farmer and Chairman of the House Resources Committee, 42-year-old Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) recently accomplished one of the top priorities of the nation’s resource extraction industries. On September 29, Pombo, along with co-sponsor Re...
The Destruction of the National Guard
"It bought us the time we needed." Lieutenant-General James Lovelace, USA "It," for General Lovelace, the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations was the deliberate decision to throw more Army N...
Abusing Katrina
Remember what Conservatives did after 9-11? They exploited a moment of vulnerability by passing laws like the PATRIOT Act and taking us to war. Now look at Katrina. They are again using human suffering and tragedy as the ruse to ratchet up their agenda, today argu...
Paying for Their Mistakes
As the Fitzgerald inquiry into the events surrounding the march to war winds down, the economic impact of America’s adventure in Iraq is just becoming clear. New investigations of federal spending for the "global war against terror" paint an ugly p...
The Democrats’ Abortion Hypocrisy
The pathetic pandering of various Democratic Party leaders, like Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton, to the anti-abortion fanatics represents the nadir of principle and integrity of a party that keeps demonstrating why it deserves to die. I have nothing again...
25 Years After Reagan’s Triumph
"It bought us the time we needed." Lieutenant-General James Lovelace, USA By a twist of political fate, the Oct. 28 deadline for special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to take action on the Plamegate matter is exactly ...
Defiant Saddam Refuses to Recognize Court
in Baghdad While things continue to get hotter in and around the White House and Blair House in Washington, impeachment is in the air in New York City. On Friday, Oct. 21 and Saturday, Oct. 22, a group called Not in Our Name (...
Judy and Holofernes
Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair
Scooter Libby joins a long line of men who lost their heads over...
Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney
Former CIA analyst Indictments are expected to come down shortly as special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald completes the investigation originally precipitated by the outing of a C.I.A. officer under deep cover. In 21-plus months of digging and interviewing, Fit...
Millions of Workers Would Lose Pay and Protections Under Minimum Wage Proposal
The minimum wage amendment proposed by Sen. Michael Enzi would harm far more workers than it helps. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that a straightforward raise of $1.10 in the minimum wage could directly benefit about 1.8 million workers. The Enzi ...
Prosecuting Bush in Canada for Torture
On Monday, October 17th Gail Davidson and Howard Rubin along with Jason Gratl and Micheal Vonn representing B.C. Civil Liberties stepped into courtroom 55 of the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver with the hopes of lifting the publication ban which, since December of 2...
Attack Syria? Invade Iran?
and BRENDAN SMITH Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on October 19, Condoleezza Rice was asked whether the Bush administration was planning military action against Syria. She answered, "I don’t think the President ever takes a...
James McMurtry Makes It in Dayton
The song met the town. Last Sunday night James McMurtry performed "We Can’t Make It Here" (see 9/30/05 for all the lyrics) at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton gets mentioned in the...
The Scandalous History of the Red Cross
Iin recent years, the image of the Red Cross has been tarnished. The worst scandal came after the September 11 attacks, when it was revealed that a large portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to the organization went not to survivors or family mem...
Was the Iraqi Constitution Vote Fixed?
"It wouldn’t surprise me if the election was rigged," said a U.S. Army officer in Mosul who requested anonymity from Time and who worked on security arrangements for the poll with Iraqi security and election officials. "I don’t even trus...
Defiant Saddam Refuses to Recognize Court
in Baghdad Three hours after it finally opened under the most intense Iraqi and international scrutiny, Saddam Hussein’s trial came to a sudden halt for one simple reason – fear. Some 30 to 40 witnesses to the killing of 143 people, allegedl...
Koizumi and the Rape of Nanking
To emphasize your dedication to peace and revulsion for war, the most effective way is not, surely, to offer a prayer at the place of sacred enshrinement of a murderous gang of fascist warmongers. Yet that is precisely what the Japanese prime minister, Junichiro K...