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alexPureWhen I met Alexander Cockburn, one of his first questions to me was: “Is your hate pure?” It was the question he asked most of the young writers he mentored. Cockburn’s rules on how to write political polemics: write about what you care about, write with passion, go for the throat of your enemies and never back down. His admonitions remain the guiding stylesheet for our writers at CounterPunch. Please help keep the spirit of this kind of fierce journalism alive by taking advantage of  our matching grant challenge which will DOUBLE every donation of $100 or more. Any of you out there thinking of donating $50 should know that if you donate a further $50, CounterPunch will receive an additional $100. And if you plan to send us $200 or $500 or more, he will give CounterPunch a matching $200 or $500 or more. Don’t miss the chance. Double your clout right now. Please donate. –JSC
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Yes, these are dire political times. Many who optimistically hoped for real change have spent nearly five years under the cold downpour of political reality. Here at CounterPunch we’ve always aimed to tell it like it is, without illusions or despair. That’s why so many of you have found a refuge at CounterPunch and made us your homepage. You tell us that you love CounterPunch because the quality of the writing you find here in the original articles we offer every day and because we never flinch under fire. We appreciate the support and are prepared for the fierce battles to come.

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Archives from August 2005
Hurricane Hugo (Chavez)
As President Hugo Chavez adeptly leverages Venezuela’s oil wealth to forge an array of regional alliances that leave the United States out in the cold, U.S. ­ Venezuela tensions are heating up. Boosted by the rising prices of oil and the deepening region...
School of the Americas Fights Back
Sometimes even the slickest public relations effort doesn’t improve a person’s or an institution’s image. Think of the U.S. State Department’s $15 million "Shared Values" ad campaign, which tried to assuage anti-American sentiment...
Circus in Baghdad
The so-called constitutional crisis in Iraq is nothing short of a scandal. The analysts who have been assigned by the forces-that-be to cover the negotiations in Iraq have adamantly blamed the obstinate "Sunnis" for the failure of negotiations. And once ...
The Cuban Five in Atlanta
"The sun of justice shall rise, bearing salvation on its wings" (Malaquías, 4, 2) On 9th August last, 28 months after the defendants had filed their arguments, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlant...
An Unfinished Symphony
Catharsis, whilst liberating, is also terribly humbling. I admit to being a stubborn, self-righteous person, traits that are generally laughed at by those close to me, tolerated by those nearby, and reviled by those at a distance. Changing my view of the world, th...
Enforce a Ban on Settlements
Palestinians observed Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip with a mix of contradictory emotions. Paramount, perhaps, was relief. Nearly 9,000 Israeli settlers, who had occupied a third of the land there while confining 1. 3 million Palestinians to the res...
The Politics of Death: Assassination
The Politics of Death by assassination just got a boost from preacher Pat Robertson. He announced on August 22rd that the US should assassinate the duly-elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Speaking on his televangelical show which reportedly draws 3.4 mil...
Reagan and Bottled Water
"If this irresponsible outside power is to be controlled in the interest of the general public, it can be controlled in only one way – by giving adequate power of control to…the National Government." Theodore Roosevelt, S...
Can Palestine be Put Back Into the Equation?
"When we demonstrate non-violently the world at least is with us," a young Palestinian resident of the West Bank village of Bilin recently told British journalist Graham Usher. "When we resist violently, it isn’t." Usher, a veteran...
The Power of the Ordinary
Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother of 24-year-old son Casey, killed only days after joining his army unit in Iraq, is an ordinary woman with extraordinary bearings. Two months after the untimely death of her son, in June 2004, she met President Bush, hoping t...
The Return of Edwin Meese
"That bird is not honest that filleth his own nest." John Skelton, Poems Against Garnesche Mea culpa. All during the years in which John Ashcroft embarrassed the country by serving as attorney general, ...
The Wall as a Good Thing?
Could The Wall be such a bad thing it,s a good thing? I think Israel has created a liability for itself that no amount of publicity can succeed in selling. Moreover, Israel has created a target for peaceful protests that will prove so costly, both in terms of publ...
Not One of the Gang
You are not one of the gang. You are not a regular fellow. Confess, at least, to yourself that you hate regular fellows. You do not care if the home team wins. Secretly, you despise yourself for standing when the flag is raised. You...
Showdown at Northwest
Will organized labor stand by as Northwest Airlines–backed by Wall Street and the White House–tries to destroy the striking mechanics union? The walkout by 4,400 members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) August 20 has posed ...
Try a Circle of Wise Women
Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity
MEMORANDUM FOR: The President FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity SUBJECT: Recommendation: Try a Circle of "Wise Women" By way of reintroduction, we begin with a brief reminder of the analyses we provided you...
GM, the UAW and US Health Care
General Motors Corp. is losing market share and money. Basically, GM’s business downturn is being driven by UAW members having made more cars and trucks than can be sold in the marketplace. Thus, the company wants to re-open its four-year labor contract with...
It’s Time to Make the Iraq War Personal
President Bush has successfully avoided making the war in Iraq personal. Americans are denied photos of the returning caskets, the injured enter Walter Reed Medical Center in the dark of night so no one can see, the president attends no funerals but o...
Loewenstein’s Big Mail Bag
Impressions from Camp Casey
It is hard to reconcile the bucolic peacefulness of West Texas with George Bush’s ugly war but what finally gives it away is the stink of the place. For Texans like Bush oil and cow shit is the smell of a different sort of green. It’s an intoxicating, ...
Drop Kicking Juan Cole and Marc Cooper
"I’m tired of waiting on a ship that won’t leave shore The water’s bloody with the ones, who came before" -Sleater-Kinney, Steep Air Go ahead and get excited about Cindy Sheehan’s overni...
The Dynamics of Racial Politics in California
LOS ANGELES. Believe it or not, friends, blacks of my generation who are also natives of this really sprawling and tropical metropolis did, more often than not, attend integrated grammar and high schools. Their neighborhoods were black or mostly all black,...
The Democratic Unraveling
Democratic Senators Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton recently sent out a fundraising letter. An acquaintance of mine who received the letter tells me that it also included a questionnaire asking him which issues were on his mind. But there was something very strang...
The American Economy is Destroying Itself
The historian who chronicles America’s decline will lay the blame on free market ideology. I say this as a believer in the market. My books and scholarly articles demonstrate the superiority of market systems over government allocative schemes. The pr...
Congress Should Go to Crawford
Dear Ms. Sheehan, First, let me express my deep sorrow at the death of your son. Second, I encourage everyone to demand that members of congress go to Crawford to support you. Ideally members of congress will bring along with them mothers whos...
Suicide as Sacrament
"I’ve got a 38 Special up on the shelf. If I start acting stoopid, gonna shoot myself." Warren Zevon (Ret.) Fitting, I suppose, that my farewell article for CounterPunch is an obituary. ...