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The US Geological Survey recorded a minor earthquake this morning with its epicenter near Wasilla, Alaska, the probable result of Sarah Palin opening her mail box to find the latest issue of CounterPunch magazine we sent her. A few moments later she Instagrammed this startling comment…


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Archives from August 2005
New Orleans After Katrina
Tuesday night, as water rose to 20 feet through most of New Orleans, CNN relayed an advisory that food in refrigerators would last only four hours, would have to be thrown out. The next news item from CNN was an indignant bellow ...
"Hey, Shoot that Black Guy Running Off with the Bottled Water from Wal-Mart!"
"Louisiana, Louisiana They’re trying to wash us away, They’re trying to wash us away." It isn’t my custom to watch the network or cable news channels. CSPAN’s Book TV is fantastic, as is t...
What are These Hurricanes Trying to Tell Us?
We are riveted to images of the hurricane’s victims hauled by choppers from rooftops because we are as amazed by the ways life carries us away as we are by salvation. Hurricanes are never just about hurricanes. They are also about communities pulling ...
The National Guard Belongs in New Orleans and Biloxi. Not Baghdad.
The men and women of the National Guard shouldn’t be killing in Iraq. They should be helping in New Orleans and Biloxi. The catastrophic hurricane was an act of God. But the U.S. war effort in Iraq is a continuing act of the president. And now, that e...
The Democrats and the War
Standard fare in the mainstream media as well as in both Left and Libertarian blogs, web sites and magazines, is that the Democrats are spineless. But this view simply does not fit the facts, and it is dangerous to boot, because it leads us to underestimate one of...
Incomes Down; Poverty Up
and LAWRENCE MISHEL The inflation-adjusted income of the median household was unchanged in 2004, remaining $1,700, or 3.8%, below its most recent peak in 1999, according to today’s release by the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The 2004 level of median income...
What’s Eating Cindy Sheehan?
Cindy Sheehan has been subjected to an unwarranted backlash by right-wing pundits because of her antiwar protests and some explosive statements she made about President Bush. Perhaps Sheehan, while mourning the death of her son, Casey, a U.S. soldier who died in t...
Free the Cuban Five
CounterPunch News Service
According to the information supplied by the International Press, on August 9, 2005, the Court of Appeals of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Atlanta declared null and void the decision passed in Miami which had condemned Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, René...
The War for the Future
Former NSC Staffer Over the dying summer. I have known No truce with Time nor Time’s accomplice, Death. –Wilfrid Scawen Blunt What a surreal moment-this faded end-of-summer 2005. We are locked in...
To Die by Mistake
There are various ways of dying by mistake. All of them against one’s own will. Not so long ago I believed that we could also die by mistake as a result of our own will. For example, committing suicide when all is not yet lost. Something like killing ourselv...
Venezuela: a Launch Pad for Muslim Extremism?
Like some other CounterPunchers I am not at all shocked by Pat Robertson’s call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. I’m merely intrigued to find that the reverend butthead’s contumely has reached such proportions that he ac...
High Water Everywhere
I’m sitting in my house in Asheville, NC, watching the storm clouds gather. It’s the very beginning of the eastern edge of Hurricane Katrina that I’m looking at. The sky is completely gray, but the rain is still not visible. The forecasters predi...
Bunny and the War Profiteers
You most likely haven’t heard of a feisty woman named Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse, even though you pay her salary. For over 20 years now, Greenhouse has overseen contracts at the Army Corps of Engineers. And up until last Saturday, Greenhouse was ...
The Woman Who Blew the Whistle on Halliburton Gets Canned
In October, 2004, Bunnatine Greenhouse, a top military official responsible for making sure the Army Corps of Engineers complies with contracting rules, came forward and revealed that top Pentagon officials showed improper favoritism to Halliburton when awarding m...
Nation of Fools
My entire family is being played for fools by the power brokers in Washington; and they don’t even have a clue about how they are being manipulated. I am embarrassed for them. The truth is out there; but no one is bringing it to our door step. You have to lo...
Pat Robertson: Big Oil’s Televangelist
You know U.S. Christian televangelist Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition is tight with God. Such tightness has it privileges. One grabbing headlines now is the privilege to call for the U.S.-led liquidation of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, redist...
Does Anyone Know What We’re Doing in Iraq?
President Bush is out of touch with the American people, the US military, and international political reality. With every poll showing smaller and smaller minorities approving of Bush and his war in Iraq, with top US generals sending signals that they want ...
Triangulation for War
Over the weekend, a spectrum of liberal responses to Cindy Sheehan came into sharper focus. The message is often anti-Bush… but not necessarily anti-war. Frank Rich spun out his particular style of triangulation in the New York Times. While der...
Doing the Right Thing, Even If You are Fearful
Phil Leveque, the Oregon doctor who unstintingly authorized cannabis use by patients in the early days following legalization -when almost all his colleagues were afraid to do so- has received a bill from the State Board of Medical Examiners to pay for his own pro...
How to be a Good Victim
"Captain Gordon Pim stated in his speech that it was a philanthropic principle to kill natives; there was, he said, "mercy in a massacre." Sven Lindqvist, Exterminate the Brutes (1996) At last Mr. Elie Wiesel ...
Assassination: as American as Apple Pie (and Torture)
Alexander Cockburn
More than one CounterPuncher has urged me to thank Pat Robertson, along the lines of Diane Christian’s excellent piece on our site today, from the bottom of our hearts. Why? As David Nebenzahl of Oakland wrote us, Because Robertson’s o...
The Relevance of I.F. Stone
Izzy Stone was a natural-born blogger. Except that he was born before the age of the pc and the web. But Stone (born Isador Feinstein, 1907-1989) left a pre-historic version of his ‘blogging’ in the form of the I.F. Stone’s Weekly, a model that s...
Another Mother for War
There was something truly repulsive about the way Bush and his handlers latched onto poor Tammy Pruett, the Idaho mother whose husband and four sons have already served or are still serving in Iraq. I have no doubt but that this woman, despite all the smile...
Is There a Right to Armed Struggle?
Major new developments have muddled the right to armed struggle. The global war on terrorism openly denies that any such right exists. The collapse of the Soviet Union has undermined the Marxist-Leninist concept of armed struggle, which overthrew numerous old regi...
The Juggernaut of Jingo
Dear Jennifer Loewenstein, I hav...