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Archives from June 2005
Compassion for Iraqis
From: KATHY KELLY, Co-coordinator, Voices in the Wilderness To: Senator Carl Levin, Chair, U. S. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on Iraqi Oil Allocations to Foreign Leaders July 29, 2005 Dear Senator Levin, Greetings from Gen...
What Was Bush Thinking?
With President Bush, it’s a bit like those old Clairol ads. You find yourself asking, "Does he or doesn’t he?" But instead of using hair coloring, you’re wondering if he thinks before he opens his pretzel trap. Iran’s rece...
Israel’s Theocrats
Israel’s government is taking gigantic steps towards instituting a theocratic rule of control. In the June 29 issue of Ha’aretz, Relly Sa’ar reported that Ariel Sharon’s government has decided to rule against providing citizenship to...
This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Death
On the propaganda front, it’s been another tough week for Washington’s war makers. But for them, where there’s hope there’s death. Let’s address the Iraq war directly: It’s too soon to know whether the Bush adminis...
James Kelliher, the Man Who Invited Enron to Help Write Bush’s National Energy Policy
The audacity inside the Bush administration never ceases to amaze. The latest example of chutzpah from Bush and co. is the announcement that Joseph Kelliher, a former policy adviser with the Department of Energy who currently serves as a commissioner on t...
Oprah Not the Only "Mad Cow in America"
A popular Texas bumper sticker reads: "The only mad cow in America is Oprah." Not anymore with the USDA announcing that the first home-grown case of mad cow to be discovered is a Texas beef cow. As Sheldon Rampton and I report in Mad Cow USA, the failure...
Racism at Cape Cod
Faithful reader Lynn Chadderdon sends a link to the Sean Gonsalves article posted at "...
A Strategic Analysis of Unity in the US Anti-War Movement
At the start of this week about 100 representatives and leaders of the anti-war movement met in Washington, DC, to discuss primarily how to create the strongest internal unity, particularly regarding the September 24 national anti-war mobilization to be held in Wa...
The Political Function of PBS
Years ago, when the nightly program was mandatory viewing in every liberal home from Montauk to Santa Monica, I wrote a parody of the McNeil-Lehrer Show, as it was then called before McNeil hailed down his colors and moved on. The piece ran in Harpers, and though...
Bush’s Big Democratic Hoax in Iraq
President George Bush told the nation on Tuesday night that we are in Iraq to fight terrorism and spread democracy. Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s minister of propaganda said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it people will eventually ...
Is Militarism Irreversible in Pakistan?
After watching cricket with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his native Delhi, General Pervez Musharraf proudly declared to world acclaim that the peace process with India was irreversible. But he has yet to declare in Islamabad that Pakistan’s move toward d...
Chet Helms, a Rock and Roll Hero
Chet Helms just died of Hepatitis C complications. When I first arrived in Berkeley in 1965 Chet was one of the golden prince’s of acid rock. He organized mind blowing rock events at the Avalon in San Francisco and was the moving force behind Big Brothe...
How the Washington Post Lied about Its Own War Poll
In a deceitful boost to Bush on the morning of his Iraq address, the Washington Post and ABC News released a poll of U.S. public opinion on Iraq. But the Post’s numbers in their print version (...
Put a Photo of Mad Cow #2 on a Milk Carton
Dear Secretary Johanns, Is there any truth to the rumor that the U.S. Department of Agriculture will soon print a photo of U.S. mad cow #2 ("Cow Jane Doe") onto the side panel of milk cartons? Is it true that the USDA is so lost and despera...
A Quick Way to End the Insurgency
Sectors of the peace movement in the U.S. — at least those which still show signs of having a pulse — have seized upon the Downing Street Memo which might finally draw out in some substantive fashion the deceitful manner in which the U.S. moved toward ...
Give Him an Oscar for Crass
It was a speech to make both Lee and Hermann proud. I’m talking about the one America’s commander-in-chief gave with more spit than polish at Fort Bragg last Tuesday. His human props were silent throughout except when required to clap on cue. His demea...
Stay the Crooked Course
Former CIA Analyst The editors of the New York Times this morning feign shock that in his speech at Fort Bragg yesterday evening President George W. Bush would "raise the bloody flag of 9/11 over and over again to justify a war in a country that had nothi...
Democrats Shift into Reverse
PUBLIC OPINION is turning against the Iraq war and the political status quo in Washington. A June Gallup poll found a clear majority–59 percent–of respondents wants a full or partial withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. An NBC/Wall Street Journ...
Virtual Citizens; Virtual Government; Virtual Opposition
There was a remarkable article in the New York Times on June 27. It had a remarkable headline too: "Some in G.O.P. Call on Bush to Focus on Governing." The piece went on to quote Republicans, both named (Newt Gingrich) and unnamed, as saying ...
Iraq: a Bloody Mess
A year ago the supposed handover of power by the US occupation authority to an Iraqi interim government led by Iyad Allawi was billed as a turning point in the violent history of post-Saddam Iraq. It has turned out to be no such thing. Most of Iraq is today...
More Rumsfeld Lies
"America is conducting a war without any effort at bipartisan consultation on our tactics, on our strategy, and on our goals. We disserve a realistic definition of success for a war that increasingly threatens to become a quagmire." ...
Pining for the Pistons
[Note: This column is 200 words shorter than usual because Billy Hunter lost 25% of it in the NBA's new Collective Bargaining Agreement.] The world be an incrementally better place if the Detroit Pistons had won the NBA championshi...
Keeping Nader Off the Ballot
There are two ways to defeat democracy, one way is by preventing citizens from voting, and the other is by preventing worthy candidates from appearing on the ballot. When the law can be used as a subterranean tool in a process which can only be labeled "...
A Defeat Bred in Deceit
"Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn When Bush decided, prior to September 11, to attack Iraq, he committed himself ...
JFK on Staying in Vietnam
CBS Interview, September 2, 1963 MR. CRONKITE. Mr. President, the only hot war we’ve got running at the moment is of course the one in Viet-Nam, and we have our difficulties here, quite obviously. PRESIDENT KENNEDY. I don’t think that unl...