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The US Geological Survey recorded a minor earthquake this morning with its epicenter near Wasilla, Alaska, the probable result of Sarah Palin opening her mail box to find the latest issue of CounterPunch magazine we sent her. A few moments later she Instagrammed this startling comment…


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Archives from March 2005
Re-Build the Popular Resistance to US Imperialism!
Remarks at 3/20 Burlington...
On Wolfowitz’s World Bank
The 1200 anti-war/profit demonstrators who wound their way through central Johannesburg last Saturday heard fiery speeches, music and poetry. At the start and finish, protesters were inspired by 80-year old Dennis Brutus, the great anti-apartheid poet who has work...
My Reservation Will Never Be the Same
Mesa, Arizona. My heart stopped 2,000 miles away. The unthinkable had happened, and it had happened in a place I call home. Innocent people were killed. Loved ones gone. Sons and daughters were lost forever. Mothers and fathers never will be seen aga...
The Bush Bros. Racist Crackdown in Florida
A fire is burning hotter every day in the state of Florida. This fire is much like that set by the former slave owners and their terrorist arm, the Ku Klux Klan, against the post-Civil War Reconstruction. Yesterday and today the racist arsonists seek to destroy an...
US Frees Iraqi Kidnappers to Become Spies
US intelligence and military police officers in Iraq are routinely freeing dangerous criminals in return for a promise to spy on insurgents. In one case where we have seen documents, police rescued a doctor after a gun battle with his kidnappers and arreste...
The More Bush Talks, The Less Popular Privatization Becomes
Has anyone noticed that the more the Bush Administration and its corporate allies promote their plan to partially privatize Social Security, the more the public opposes it? Is it any wonder the President kept his proposals vague until after the election? A ...
How the Les AuCoin Express Was Really Derailed
The post-mortems have been flying the past week regarding the failed nomination of Les AuCoin to the Oregon Board of Forestry. Not a one, so far, has mentioned the role played by true Ancient Forest activists who rebelled at the thought of the Architect of Ancient...
Railroading Moussaoui
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and...
The Empire Moves and Co-opts in Mysterious Ways
Like so many, I’ve by now become used to my childhood heroes letting me down. I long ago accepted that hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, to whom I dedicated many an early adolescent hour of memorizing statistics –just ask me how many assists he had in 1985 ...
Why I Hung from a Bridge to Defend the Wild Forests of the Siskiyou Mountains
My name is BECKY WHITE. I am a 27 year-old musician with a degree in conservation biology. On March 14th, I suspended myself on a small platform over the Green Bridge above the Wild and Scenic Illinois River. The truck rope that held my platfor...
The Che of Non-Violence
The June 9, 1964 issue of Student Voice (published in Atlanta, GA), the newspaper of the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee), carried the following news report: "JACKSON, MISS. – A member of India’s parliament was ...
"Saving" Schiavo; Killing the News
The weekend second anniversary of the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq was marked by demonstrations large and small around the globe, but here in the U.S. you could be forgiven for not knowing anything was happening. In the corporate media, the front pages and T...
Democracy–or the US Military–On the March
Idon’t understand all this talk about how US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have inspired a "democracy movement" in the Middle East. Well, actually, I do understand it. People are desperate to derive something positive from all the horror wreaked ...
An Immoral and Illegal War
Remarks at Chicago Anti-Wa...
Cuba and Venezuela Face US and Colombia
Cuba’s living example of 45 years of successful resistance to US military aggression and economic boycott is extremely damaging to Washington’s goal of world empire for several reasons. In the first place Cuba’s success refutes the notion put for...
How the Democratic Party Fosters Conservatism
The blurring of political distinctions between America’s two major political parties, achieved through Democratic acquiescence to Republican ideas on every major national question, has prompted some progressives to conclude that Democrats and Republicans are...
A Palm Sunday Chat with Sis Levin
In Birmingham, Alabama at 10:30 a.m., news of the protest in Bethlehem has barely begun to appear. But Sis Levin has read one email account, and she is feeling good about what happened. Early that morning the children of Bethlehem had attempted to...
Dick Cheney’s Oil Change at the World Bank
He wasn’t in the room when President George W. Bush announced it on Wednesday, but somewhere, Vice President Dick Cheney must have been smiling–well, smirking–when the commander-in-chief’s voice coupled the improbable name Paul Wolfowitz wi...
Feeding Frenzy Over a Feeding Tube
IThe political circus surrounding Terri Schiavo is absolutely unbelievable. The recent actions of the House, Senate, and White House reek of hypocrisy. The facts of the case are simple: husband Michael Schiavo is Terri’s legal guardian, the courts have held ...
End the Damn War
We’ve got to do more than mark their anniversaries and we’ve got to take the initiative. Leftists all around me complain that there is no left in the USA. If there isn’t I wonder, than who are you and who am I? Anarchists hit the streets with the...
A Threat Greater Than Terrorism
Delusion has settled over America. Washington cannot tell fact from fantasy. Neither can sycophantic media nor nothink economists. The Bush administration is the first government in history to initiate a war based entirely on fantasy–fantasy about ...
Time is Running Out for Vernon Evans
Vernon Evans’ latest request for a stay of execution has been denied. This decision by a Baltimore County circuit judge was no surprise and will clear the way for a higher court and in this case slightly more enlightened one to render an opinion on Vernon...
Feeding Tubes for the Third World
In an attempt to call the attention of the United States Congress to the plight of poorer countries, a coalition of anti-poverty organizations has launched a new campaign called "Feeding Tubes for the Third World." The member organizations of the ...
Serving, Refusing, Impeaching
Remarks commemorating the ...
Support for the War is Paper Thin
The polls tell us that 56% of Americans want us out of Iraq within a year and 47% want us to begin leaving at once. There is no doubt that the war in Iraq is very unpopular with Americans, but the breadth and depth of that sentiment is not discussed often enough. ...