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Archives from December 2004
"He Drew Blood"
It’s funny how things come back to you when you lose a friend. As I was smoking a cigarette on my patio the other night, thinking about Gary Webb and how everything I stood for in journalism was now quaking under my feet, I recalled that Gary told me ...
The Mountain and the Mouse
Ariel Sharon’s speech at the "Herzliya Conference", an annual gathering of Israel’s financial, political and academic aristocracy, proved again his wondrous ability to conjure up an imaginary world and divert attention away from the real...
Japan in Iraq
The Fortress of Solitude I’ve visited lots of Japanese castles, from Kumamoto in Kyushu to Matsumae in Hokkaido. Some sit atop hills, enjoying a commanding view of the surrounding area. Some are encircled by moats, or twisting roadways designed to thw...
Polls of Fear
Baghdad. The Iraqi election on 3...
An Army Without Compassion
The Independent It was the insouciance, the absolute indifference of the British military press office in Basra that shocked me. Here I had documents–one of them signed by a British officer–stating that Baha Mousa had died in British custody...
Media Blackout on Bush’s War Against Labor
The AFL-CIO will be 50 years old in 2005. Its leaders have sat down and met with every U.S. President during those 50 years, except one, George W. Bush. The compassionate conservative will not talk to the representatives of organized workers. AFL-CIO President Joh...
Attacking Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain
Wal-Mart’s dedication to "low, low wages" is a satirist’s dream. The Onion zeroes in on it in "Wal-Mart Announces Massive Rollback on Employee Wages": Above: A sign announces a Louisville, KY Wal-Mart...
An Interview with Mickey Z
Mickey Z. is the author of two new books: "A Gigantic Mistake: Articles and Essays for You...
"They Want to Break Our Unions"
With just 635 workers on the picket line, the lockout at farm equipment maker CNH Global might seem to be just one small battle in the endless corporate war on labor. In fact, it’s a struggle that tests whether the United Auto Workers (UAW) is capable...
Alarcon: "The Cuban 5 Have Been the Victims of Torture by the US"
HAVANA. "When he saw Gerardo, he was naked, locked up in what they called the ‘box,’ that is to say a ‘hole’ within the ‘hole’, with no clothes and with absolutely no contact with the outside world. When they took hi...
DEA Upholds Grower’s Marijuana Monopoly
The Drug Enforcement Administration has turned down an application by a University of Massachusetts botanist seeking to grow cannabis for research purposes. Mahmoud ElSohly, PhD, remains the only DEA-licensed cannabis grower in the U.S. ElSohly, who superv...
Has the US Lost Control of Mosul?
Baghdad. Gunmen raked a car with...
Why They Hated Gary Webb
I read a piece about Kobe Bryant a couple of days ago. The way it described his fall made me think of Bryant as a parable of America in the Bush years, that maybe even W himself could understand. No longer the big guy leading the winning team to victory over Commi...
The Meaning of Sacrifice
Words are used frequently today to mean exactly the opposite of what they mean. So maybe we need to remind ourselves that sacrifice means … sacrifice. To make a sacrifice means being willing to sacrifice ourselves. It means giving up our time...
Indictment of Pinochet a Victory for International Law
Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is finally being brought to justice. This represents a victory not only for Chilean civil society, but for international law. It also reopens the possibility of prosecuting Pinochet for a 1976 murder in Washington, D.C....
Farming By Numbers
Not long ago, yet another farmer left my eastern Colorado community. Over three generations his family had accumulated a patchwork of fields that stretched for several miles. After his children moved away he put the land up for sale. As the auctioneer tap...
A Man Who Confers with God Should Have Good Hearing
My old friend John Hess ( makes the astute observation that President Bush must ...
Wolves and Revolution in Venezuela
"Businessmen they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth, None of them along the lined know what any of it is worth." Bob Dylan, All Along The Watchtower I’m no celebrity, and definitely not accustomed to sp...
Drifters Escape, Again
Daniel was the quintessential street freak. If the Hog Farm and other communal efforts in the 1960s and 1970s were communities of freaks (as we liked to call ourselves then) who lived in an alternative reality that they helped create, Daniel was the loner in the p...
Laughing Dragon, Dancing Bear
Former CIA Analyst While President George W. Bush, his "neo-conservative" advisers, and centrist Democrats bask in the glow of America’s status as "the one remaining superpower in the world," signs are mounting that other major powers...
Values Voters, Desperate Housewives and Sweatshop Tacos
We’ve all been hearing a lot about "moral values" of late. According to the conventional wisdom these days, some Americans remain proud guardians of our moral heritage–good, simple, common sense folk, mostly from rural communities–while...
The Law and Peace in the Middle East
When Israelis hear the exhortation to "submit" to international law in their quest for peace, they are likely to respond that their enemies use international law as a club with which to beat them. They can reference this with many such attacks, such as t...
What Kids Cost: Dallas vs. Delhi
In October, just in time for Halloween, the World Wildlife Fund issued its frightening  ...
WANTED: Middle East Mediator
The steady flow of international dignitaries to Israel and Palestine following the confirmation of the new transitional Palestinian leadership has been rather impressive. Outgoing US Secretary of State Colin Powell, outgoing UN envoy for the Middle East Terje Roed...
How the Press and the CIA Killed Gary Webb’s Career
[What follows is an extended excerpt from Chapter Two of our book Whiteout: the CIA, Drugs and the P...