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Archives from September 2004
One Out of Every Nine
One out of every nine women gets breast cancer. There are doctors who say that statistic has worsened lately and now stands at one out of every eight. The disease is particularly violent in younger women and the primary growth in the breast spreads rapidly to the ...
The Kidnap Capital of the World
Baghdad. Iraq is becoming the kidnap capital of the world, though this gets international attention only when foreigners are taken hostage. It is the one growth industry in the country. Nobody is safe. "We had one case recently where the kidnap...
I Dreamed They Had a Debate
"…truth is grea...
The Jihad of Alan Dershowitz
Law Professor, Washburn University School of Law If to dispute well is law’s chiefest end, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has honed this ability to a stunning craft. In high-profile cases, such as O. J. Simpson, Doctor Dershowitz, a seasoned c...
Ten Ways to Beat George W. Bush
The Kerry/Edwards campaign is failing to distinguish itself enough from Bush/Cheney. They are not putting forward explicit solutions that meet the daily needs of the American people, not putting forward an effective foreign policy alternative to the pre-emptive Bu...
Presidential Debates? I Call It Bunk
Who are we kidding? America pretends that Thursday’s official Presidential foreign policy debate is the apex of US democracy in action (more like democracy inaction). Few expect to gather new information from the scripted theatrics. No real alternative will ...
Story of a Mercury-Poisoned American
I have a story to tell. One of a baby in my belly, poison in my seafood, and a President who will not act. And unfortunately, many other American women may be sharing my story, but may never know until tragedy strikes. I, like many other Americans, ...
Disrupting America’s Fateful Non-Debate on the Roots of Terrorism
On September 11th, nineteen hijackers commandeered four airliners and guided three of them into important symbols of American power with lethal precision. An unsuspecting citizenry, quite unaware of events outside the national purview, suddenly found 3,000 of its ...
Delusion Rules
The US might be a superpower, but it is not a country that controls its own fate. Delusion does. Much of the US public is deluded about the invasion and occupation of Iraq and its consequences and about the state of the US economy. Just as Americans...
…After the Election
Former CIA Analyst It’s not an "if." It’s a "when." Pentagon officials have indicated that they plan to send as many as 15,000 additional troops during the first four months of 2005, and the President George W. Bush continues to...
The Deceivers
"How many deaths will...
They’ve Already Called It
I plan to tune in on the debate Thursday night, but not to learn who won. They’ve already told us. The moderator, Jim Lehrer, had Tim Russert on last night and they reminded each other how Bush whomped Al Gore in their debate four years ago. At noon t...
Applauding Only the Right Entertainers
They call themselves Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood, or PABAAH for short. If it was anything but an acronym, PABAAH would be on the Homeland Security "no-fly" list. They believe Sean Penn and Janeane Garofalo are traitors. ...
Is the US on a Collision Course with Iran?
On July 20, 2004, Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) introduced the Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2004, a legislation promoting the transformation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to a democratic form of government. In justifying his cosponsorship, with Senator John Co...
"Children, Ardent for Some Desperate Glory"
The Independent We are now in the greatest crisis since the last greatest crisis. That’s how we run the Iraq war–or the Second Iraq War as Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara would now have us believe. Hostages are paraded in orange tracksuits to remind us ...
How Democrats Kicked Nader Off the Oregon Ballot
In a recent editorial the Oregonian celebrated the decision by Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, upheld by the Oregon Supreme Court, to keep Ralph Nader off the Oregon ballot, citing grave concerns for "fraud" and "circulator irregularities."...
The Civics Teacher
Bill Britt of Long Beach is the walking, talking soul of Prop 215 -him and a few hundred other people, up and down the state, who circulated petitions back in ’96 and have fought tirelessly ever since, without much material reward, and risking retribution, t...
The Cajamarca Protest
Penal de Huacariz Cajamarca, Peru. "The sleeping lion finally woke up," expressed a Cajamarcan lay worker who visited here in Huacariz Prison last Saturday, referring to the recent protests against the Yanacocha Mine Company. The mayor of one of C...
A Response to Dave Lindorff’s Gag Reflex
I got to know my good friend Dave Lindorff while editing his excellent book, Killing Time: An I...
Jeanne: Compare Florida to Haiti
Kerry’s Moral Compass
Kerry’s nattering on the campaign trail is getting increasingly incoherent. Just this week the Massachusetts senator was expounding "victory in Iraq" in his most pompous baritone. There’s no question about who he’s courting in th...
Where is the Florida National Guard?
My sister just found my 80 year old mother late this morning sitting in a state of shock in a Red Cross church evacuation shelter in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Wiith her were some of her neighbors, along with a number of the regular street derelict residents of the ...
The Expulsion of Cat Stevens
Oh, peace train, take this country. Come take me home again Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam), 1971   "With respect to Cat Stevens … our Homeland Security Department and intelligence agencies found some informati...
The Tragedy of Gonaives, Haiti
Port au Prince, Haiti Prime Mini...
A Progressive Case for Voting for (Gag) Kerry?
This isn’t easy, for someone who has long admired Ralph Nader, and who voted for him in 2000: We progressives need to consider voting for John Kerry. The sad but obvious reality is that Ralph Nader offers nothing but a protest vote. And in this elect...